Tommie Mabry – Ridgeland, Mississippi


Tommie Mabry grew up in poverty in a rough neighborhood in Jackson, Mississippi. With no one to serve as a model for mainstream success, Mabry turned to life in the streets. Mabry was expelled from numerous schools and by age 11, he was serving time for burglary. Things started to change for Tommie when he joined an AAU basketball team that traveled around world. Although he was shot in the foot during his senior year, God was merciful as Tommie healed and received a full basketball scholarship to Missouri State University.

Tommie later received a BA cum laude in education from Tougaloo where he was elected Mister Tougaloo College in 2011, and received his MA in child development in 2017. After his undergraduate studies, he taught school in the same district where he had been expelled numerous times. He was hired at Tougaloo College as the Director of Enrollment in 2016. Tommie has published two books “A Dark Journey to a Light Future,”and “If Tommie Can Do It, We Can Do It”. He lives by the motto, “I cannot walk in my future with my foot in my past.”

Today, Tommie travels around the world as a motivational speaker, to motivate and inspire others. He is the chief executive officer for his company, Tommy Mabry Co. and an admission counselor at Tougaloo College. He and his wife have a daughter and son.

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