Hosted By Paul Martinelli

032: Jeff Goins – Ownership

Welcome to this week’s Transformational Leader Podcast Episode with Jeff Goins, best-selling author of five books and influencer to many aspiring authors! From ministry to working for a nonprofit nearly seven years, to his own journey as a writer and teacher of online courses – Jeff takes us down the path of his leadership journey and what led him to that success. Jeff shared “I had never really thought of myself as a leader, I had kind of found my way into leadership positions.” Listening to a majority of peoples stories it seems to be true that those in leadership weren’t always looking to be in that role but naturally fell into it because they naturally have the gift that people inspire to become or follow.

Jeff shares with us during this interview the importance of taking ownership. You may be asking yourself why does ownership matter as a leader? Ownership is the sense of creating the feeling of responsibility not just for yourself, but your team as a whole. He also went on to share that people are hesitant to take the first step because it could lead to failure or rejection, however, Jeff feels your biggest enemy is anonymity. There is so much comparison in the world today that people are terrified to be the leader and take ownership for who they want to become and successfully lead that out. The takeaway from today is take that leap of faith, believe in yourself and build your confidence to know that you can accomplish your goals and dreams!

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