Hosted By Paul Martinelli

031: Steve Finn – Vision

Today’s leadership spotlight is with our friend, Mr. Stephen Finn. Stephen, Founder and Executive Director of Chestnut Mountain Ranch joins us today to discuss his leadership journey. After losing his father at a young age of 13 and becoming a police officer for over 11 years, he felt a push from God for something more. Committed to making lives better, Stephen and his wife became Houseparents in one of the boys’ homes in Eagle Ranch – north of Atlanta, GA. It was there that his vision grew and he wanted to prepare a journey to create his own program and ranch. Fast-forward and they have done just that, helping children develop spiritually, intellectually and socially!

Stephen shares with us how during his time in law enforcement he saw a lot of tragic situations which led him to want to do more and give children more. Listen along with us as he walks us through his path and vision to get to the place he is today. He took the leap of faith starting with nothing and today has so much to be proud of. Although there were struggles and tough times, Stephen and his wife pushed through to make their vision a reality. Come listen along to this beautiful and relatable story, you won’t be disappointed!

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