Leading Edge: The Luxury of Living a Life by Design

Leading Edge: The Luxury of Living a Life by Design

Many of us have big dreams. We want our life to be a certain way. We want others to think of us in a certain way and we want to feel a certain way.

Yet, most of us live a life that is very far from our dreams and what we truly want in our life. The life most people lead is more of a result of choices made. Choices were made perhaps because we had expectations from our family, we had obligations, or we had a container full of fear, and we made some choices aligned with those fears.

Out of all the positive changes one experiences when joining The John Maxwell Team, for me, there is one that stands out from all the others.

Apart from the amazing transformational personal growth all the members experience, the profound understanding of what intentional self-leadership is and how it will impact our lives, and acquiring and sharpening tools for our professional evolution, the thing I appreciate the most is that I now live a life by design.

Being able to create a business package that has all the ingredients I love; speaking, coaching and delivering group trainings and live workshops on an international arena and at the same time be available for my three young children when they need me the most is such a luxury. I get the best of two worlds! Being able to feel on top of my parenting and in control of the situation as a single mother raising three children in a foreign country, and at the same time build my dream business doing what I love is such a privilege.

For the past two years I have said out loud every day, sometimes driving in my car to get to a one-on-one executive coaching client, sometimes sitting in my home office working on a new module for my mastermind group and sometimes finishing the work early to pick up my children and spend a quality afternoon with them; “I am living my dream life”.

With the support of our faculty mentors, getting on the live calls with them and asking the big questions I needed help in figuring out, and then taking massive action on the very powerful advice I got, I’ve been able to accomplish things with my business I didn’t even dare to dream I would.

Thanks to the JMT, I’ve been able to create my business and life by design, enjoying it to the fullest.

Without any comparison, the one thing that has changed the most in my life since joining the JMT, and is so monumentally different from the overwhelmingly stressful and unfulfilling life and work I had before, is this wonderful sense of freedom that I am living my life, just the way I want to.

And that freedom is priceless!


Annica Törneryd has two decades of experience of working in multicultural environments, from which she has acquired excellent communication skills. When working with individuals, Annica helps extraordinary people get out of their own way and step into their full capacity.

She is the author of five books and founder of ACT2exceed. Certified coach, speaker and trainer, an Executive Director with the John Maxwell Team. Annica is an experienced facilitator of The Leadership Game and has played it with people from over 50 different countries, helping organizations and individuals improve their leadership intelligence, effectiveness and communication.

She is an award-winning mentor in the international Young Enterprise Project and a volunteer mentor at Dress For Success Luxembourg. She’s hosted the Women’s Entrepreneurship Day in Luxembourg, celebrating women in leadership positions and women entrepreneurs, raising funds for women in poverty.

“Implementing intentional self-leadership has helped me improve my life multiple times. One of my priorities is selecting mentors with great wisdom, knowledge and expertise, who support and challenge me in continuous personal growth.”