Leading Edge: JMT Changed Me

Leading Edge: JMT Changed Me

Jump and Build Your Wings on the Way Down

“So what are you going to do with that?” This is what my wife asked after I proposed the idea of getting my Masters in Organizational Leadership. “I’m not sure.” I am certain that didn’t reassure my wife, but she supported me and I finished the program.

A couple years later I learned about The John Maxwell Team and after spending a day thinking
about investing in myself by joining the team I return home and my wife asks: “So?” wondering what I was thinking. After sharing my thoughts she replies, “If you don’t have a clear ‘no’, then go for it.” My amazing wife helped push me into a tremendous journey of growth and development that has only begun.

My Problem

I had spent most of my life in non-profit related organizations. I had experience leading people
and a little experience leading a business, but I was very ill-equipped to launch out on my own. My
problem was neither education nor experience on certain levels, but belief. My problem was belief in me. Belief in my value and worth that I bring to the marketplace. As a member of The John Maxwell Team, I became equipped with world-class teaching from my mentors on how to build a business, be a world-class coach, and how to train people effectively so they get results.

My Mentors

These mentors have helped me break through many of the mental blocks to being successful. It
may be as simple as telling me “ask for the money” when I am making all kinds of excuses to helping me think into what prevents me from having difficult conversations. These mentors have helped me learn elementary business skills in real time related to sales, marketing and leading myself and others. Not to mention how my mentors have helped me grow my communication and thinking skills. Even beyond the mentors has been the community. There are numerous members of this global team who have encouraged me and even prayed for me as I have ventured into the unknown. I am quite stubborn and independent, but this community has been critical to any success I have had in building and growing my business.

As I look at the opportunities I have had to work with businesses to help them grow leaders and
individuals to help them grow in their leadership I know it could not have occurred without the mentors and teammates I have met over these years. Because of being a part of The John Maxwell Team, I have grown from developing leaders in a specific community to being able to develop leaders who will influence people around the world. As a part of this team, I am able to be connected to a community of people who want to not simply have business transactions, but transform lives. I took a jump and got my Masters.

I took a jump and joined The John Maxwell Team and Mentorship. I continue to jump into the unknown and am growing to my full potential into the person I was created to be. This is always scary, but with this team behind me I know the landing will be softer than it ever would be alone. If you want to learn more feel free to reach out to me and I am glad to share. What jump do you need to make today to grow to your full potential?


Throughout his professional career Randy has helped individuals and teams work toward reaching their goals and developing as leaders where they are.  He is an Independent Executive Director of The John Maxwell Team and has a Masters in Organizational Leadership which he uses to help individuals develop their personal and professional leadership skills in a way that will increase their impact among their colleagues, friends, and family.  He lives in Fishers, Indiana with his wife and three sons.

You can contact Randy and learn more about his business at https://www.wheelercoachingsystems.com/contact-us/  or  www.johncmaxwellgroup.com/randywheeler.