When I think of a person who has intentionally given of themselves to better others I instantly think of Dr. Clarence Oliver. Dr. Oliver has created a living legacy of education, leadership and giving. Throughout his distinguished career Dr. Oliver has served the people, every day, every hour. His endless plight to see that every child has a great education is mesmerizing. He has authored many books, even giving all the royalties from his latest book to a state education system so they can use the monies for years to come to help the children. Dr. Oliver has served his community in several capacities such as superintendent of the local school system, to Dean at ORU to Board Member for Cancer Treatment Centers but the greatest title to me is Man of Integrity and Character. I have never meet anyone that has had a negative word to say against Dr. Oliver. He has walked in love throughout his career and life. Dr. Oliver also served our great nation in the Korean War. His book, Johnny Dufflebag, is a great look into that war. Dr. Oliver’s leadership and passion of education has transformed the lives of literally thousands and thousands of people. He is considered a leader among leaders.