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Bullying, failure, low self-image, and poor character decisions are at the heart of many of the challenges facing young people today. John Maxwell and the John Maxwell Team have decided to do something about it! YouthMAX gives John Maxwell Team members an opportunity to serve youth and youth organizations in their communities by helping youth grow and develop to meet the challenges of life in today’s changing world.


By enrolling now, you will receive this bonus and become one of our partners certified to teach the following four, brand new… John C. Maxwell Youth Curriculums:


“Stand Up and Be Counted”
Teach positive attitudes and actions that will help stop bullying and lift others up.

“Developing a Positive Self-Image”
Teach how to apply key principles to aid in developing and maintaining a positive self-image.

“Developing Strong Personal Character”
Teach what it takes to develop strong and effective personal character.

“Learning To Fail Forward to Success”
Teach powerful, proven ways to turn failure into success.
You will be resourced and empowered with word-for-word scripts that you can use and incorporate into your lessons. You will also have access to an entire 3-hour presentation by John Maxwell teaching these lessons as a guide for you to train with. And, to help you gain exposure and be more successful in reaching out to your community, you will also receive a ready-made marketing system, including an action plan, a professionally written press release for you to send out to your local media outlets, email templates to help you promote yourself, and marketing flyers, which will all build awareness of you and your event.

Just imagine teaching these lessons to kids within such organizations as Junior Achievement, the Boy Scouts or Girl Scouts of America, your local faith based organizations, your local schools or any other youth programs. The world’s going to take notice!


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Please enjoy learning about the impact and success experienced directly from our current John Maxwell Team members.


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~ Phill Akinwale, Arizona, USA

Teaching YouthMAX Leadership Training

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David North of Boston YouthMax: Just finished two presentations. One for a public school the so called “troubled teens” and another Junior ROTC. Both groups great. Fantastic feedback from faculty who want the entire program and are working on grants for the fall. Teachers said the “Troubled Teens” were amazingly engaged and responsive. More to come. Very satisfying for all. Thank you John, the John Maxwell Team, and the faculty. We are blessed with content and character.

David Sollars – Massachusetts, USA

Joanna Makris With YouthMAX, I chose to get a feeling from 4 different groups of kids: public schools, private schools, youth organizations and private teacher-youth groups. 15 hours, all 4 lessons, 5 days, 300 kids. Feedback was unanimous: “We want more”, “It’s the 1st time we heard about solutions and not problems”, “We now believe more in ourselves”. It is now time to reflect and expand my vision. Plan my next steps and continue adding value and watering a thirsty soil. Glad to be a part of the John Maxwell Team!

Joanna Makris – Greece

George Powell Had the opportunity to teach “Stand Up and be Counted” this weekend at my church to about 1700 students and adults. Next week . . . Self-Image.

George Powell – Ohio, USA

Deb Last night’s YouthMax night at Dix Hills Church was great!!!! The kids circled around afterwards & were just talking about their self image & strengths They were so excited, then parents who were there to pick up their kids joined in! I encouraged them all that this is just the beginning of their conversation …they get to continue it.

Deb Ingino – New York, USA

Carla Wow! Had an awesome morning with our youth. Just wrapped up a 45 min YouthMAX presentation with the 8th graders at Village Academy! Several of the students who saw themselves as ‘bullies’ came to me at the end of the presentation and wanted to see how to become better students! Wow! Thank you JMT for making a difference in this world! I am so grateful!

Carla Andrews – Florida, USA

Mark Just finished “Failing Forward” to approximately 100 youth service…What a blessing…Really excited about our Houston YouthMax Concert tomorrow.

Mark Hernandez – Texas, USA

Karl 90 Minutes until YouthMAX for 1,200 kids at Auburn Riverside High School begins. Mike Newman and I are focusing on Failing Forward and Self-Image/Character!! Way to go all YouthMAX speakers! Together we are rocking the world!

Karl J. Newman – Washington, USA

Deb The Girls Detention Center that I presented Youth Max to is beginning a pilot program with me for 4 weeks in June to teach the Youth Max lessons to girls who are rejoining society after incarceration. This pilot will be part of the program preparing them to take a step forward into their new lives. Teaching them to take the lead in their lives will be an honor. So grateful to sow into their lives in such a meaningful way and to do so, as part of the John Maxwell Team!

Deb Ingino – New York, USA



“Everything Rises and Falls On Leadership”


~ John C. Maxwell



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The John Maxwell Team is a group of Maxwell Certified Coaches, Teachers, Speakers and Professionals, who offer workshops, seminars, keynote speaking, and coaching to aid personal and professional growth to individuals, organizations and companies worldwide, through study and practical application of John Maxwell’s proven leadership methods.

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