Hosted By Paul Martinelli

030: JJ Virgin – Limitations

Today marks the 30th episode of the Transformational Leader Podcast! We sat down with JJ Virgin, Certified Nutrition Specialist, Board Certified Holistic Nutritionist, and Certified Exercise Physiologist to name a few. Together, she and her team help people age 40 and over lose weight and keep it off. It took some time but she finally learned “your body isn’t a bank account, it’s a chemistry lab.” With years of research, she had a lightbulb moment which led her to where she is now: a triple-board certified health expert, Fitness Hall of Famer, 4-time New York Times best-selling author, and passionate advocate of eating and exercising smarter!

JJ Virgin even has a Unicorn Club…don’t you want to know what that consists of? Listen to the Podcast to find out what it is all about. Branding is key in her business and when asked how she got where she is today she simply said “Oh, my gosh, the very crooked path that felt a lot of times like sliding downhill, rather than climbing up it, you know that, that feeling? It’s rainy, and you’re climbing up a hill and it’s muddy, and you’re almost to the top and then all of a sudden you turn on slide. Then you pick back up again.” Who hasn’t felt this way before when rising to a new challenge, like maybe the world is against you or no matter what you do it isn’t good enough to get to where you want to be. Come listen along to our friend JJ share her leadership journey and how she got to where she is today!

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