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027: Quint Studer – Experience

Today is a new day, but more importantly, it’s a new episode of the . Quint Studer, creator of Vibrant Community Partners – a coach advisory firm that helps communities on the path to vibrancy and creates a plan to help them grow in to the best version of themselves, sat down with us to discuss . Not only is he the creator, but he is also a businessman, entrepreneur, and mentor to many similar to a lot of our team members!

Quint didn’t start out as a leader and entrepreneur, instead, he was a special education teacher and taught in High School grade level. So how did he go from a teacher to a leader? Quint ended up working in a Behavior Medical Center which led him into the healthcare field and eventually becoming the President of a hospital where he later formed a Healthcare Consulting Team. Ironically, at the same time John Maxwell released his first book is when Quint really took a dive into bettering his leadership journey and gathering insight from his mentors and teachers to help guide him to be better. The journey Quint describes is so relatable to many of our stories, one day you are this and the next you’re on top of the leader board helping guide others to a better path. As he said “I was a guy who had a degree in Education and a Master’s in Special Education. Next thing I know, I’m a Manager in the hospital.”

The truth is your journey and path of life can lead you anywhere, it’s the experiences you gain along the way and the people you meet that help build and mold who you become. Maybe you’re an accountant and you really want to become a public speaker, perhaps you are a restaurant manager and you want to become a professional coach…the lesson here is you can do anything you put your heart and mind to. Come listen along as Quint takes us through his personal journey, this episode is so relatable and heartfelt!

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