Hosted By Paul Martinelli

025: Dr. Daniel Amen – Passion

What a special week, we are sitting down for our 25th episode! Lucky for us, we got the opportunity to interview Dr. Daniel Amen, a #1 New York Times best-selling author, double board-certified psychiatrist, professor and brain health expert to name a few! “I fell in love with Psychiatry 40 years ago when I realized it has the potential to change generations of people. And I have loved it every single day for the last 40 years.” Dr. Amen shared with us a personal story of what brought him to ultimately understand and love the profession he is in and grew into over all these years.

He shares with us from a leadership standpoint, when you start going against the grain of what your other colleagues do, watch out because they generally won’t say “thank you.” There is so much to take away from this episode and how much knowledge Dr. Amen has to share. There is so much he has discovered over the years about the brain as a focus, you won’t want to miss the details of his findings! You can hear the passion in his voice when he discusses his practice and findings, it truly is incredible.

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