Hosted By Paul Martinelli

023: Bruce Lipton – Belief

On this week’s special episode, the President of the John Maxwell Team, Paul Martinelli sat down with Dr. Bruce Lipton, Author of The Biology of Belief. There are some unbelievable topics that Dr. Lipton covered including: How science, along with “new biology,” can help us transform our lives, the basic requirements for cell survival – our cells are really like miniature “people” and how our genes don’t “cause” things like cancer or Alzheimer’s disease. The question came forth, if genes don’t control life…what does?

This podcast will be full of insightful information that will fill your mind and soul with knowledge you may never heard of and some great takeaways. It is not every day you get such an amazing interview with the President of our John Maxwell Team and an American developmental biologist best known for promoting the idea that gene expression can be influenced by environmental factors.

This episode is brought to you by the John Maxwell Team.

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