Hosted By Paul Martinelli

021: Julie Wells- Overcoming Obstacles

This week we sit down with Julie Wells, the Executive Director of the Glad Adoption Agency and Co-Pastor for the Cathedral in Evansville, Indiana. Graduating with a degree in Psychology, she went on to get her master’s and started her journey as a social worker and working alongside her mother who founded the Glad Adoption Agency. What a beautiful story, serving women in Crisis Pregnancy while offering the option of placing her child in a loving home. Relating close to Julie’s own story, who was not a biological child.

Julie shares heartwarming stories of overcoming obstacles both in her personal story as well as the women they continue to help daily. However, Julie looks at obstacles different and even says, “So obstacles to me, I just confront them with this problem is not unsolvable, how can we build to move around this?” Come listen along as Julie shares touching moments and advice from her mother, a transformational leader in her eyes. The stories are so relatable and make you want to make a difference in the lives of others no matter how small or big!

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