Greg & Julie Gorman

Owners, Gorman Leadership Group & Discover Your Purpose

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Read Team Members Greg and Julie Gorman’s comments on the value of the John Maxwell Team

"I am so grateful to John Maxwell for bringing to our Team Training a selection of top, expert guest speakers. I ALWAYS grow during these extra calls and sessions. It is great that the John Maxwell Team is secure enough to seek input and teaching, outside of their faculty. This is a definite VALUE ADD. I am getting more than my money's worth from this incredible program."
Greg Gorman
"I just doubled a contract with a corporate coaching client, and added a new individual coaching client. I also have several events in the planning process with a local city. Thank you to the John Maxwell Team for giving me the tools to succeed. You ROCK!"
Greg Gorman
"Wow, we have really made some great progress in the past few months! We are currently collaborating on several projects, including an ongoing commitment to speak monthly with the Leadership Business Council, a one-year corporate coaching contract and conducting four different mastermind group meetings, including a local chamber. Additionally, each of us has other engagements that we work independent of one another. Thank you John Maxwell for all the guidance and for being there when we needed you. We are thankful for the connection, leadership and mentoring that the John Maxwell Team provides."
Greg and Julie Gorman
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