Simon Arias makes an impact on the people he helps to develop each and every single day. With several offices in multiple states and he always finds time to help with individuals, as well as with team development. He surrounds everyone with positivity and helps to ensure they are constantly developing and growing. He cares about the successes others are able to accomplish and truly wishes that each and every employee is prepared for a bright and prosperous future. Whether through a one-on-one meeting, or through group development and workshops, Simon is constantly engaging his team to improve our business, as well as personal development. I feel extremely blessed to be surrounded with such a strong and caring leader. I feel secure in my future with a leader like Simon. I feel confident in saying, that every single one of us, who work under Simon’s direction, feel truly blessed by the impact that our lives have been touched with through his leadership and opportunities that are continuously presented to us. Working at AIL with Simon Arias has been a dream come true.