Shirley Luu has impacted over 10,000 people around the country as a philanthropist, advocate, & speaker. Her passion to equip & empower individuals & business owners is rooted in her life experiences of overcoming obstacles. Fueled by passion, tenacity and purpose, she entered the financial service sector building a successful team which has grown to 3500 agents. Shirley has been recognized for numerous awards & achievements related to her work & support for various philanthropic causes. She has been endorsed with commendation letters from the Mayor of Washington D.C., Governors, and Congressmen. Smart CEO Magazine honored her as a top female CEO in Washington D.C. Leveraging her network and resources she is making a positive impact on others. For example, she and her team brought local employers together for a job expo resulting in over 3,000 jobs.“While I am proud of what I have accomplished professionally. I have a heart of service that knows no bounds. It is my job to understand my gift. It is my purpose to share that gift with others. I believe that by empowering women and our community, in general, we can help save and build the foundations for our families.” – Shirley Luu