Capt Seung-Min Timothy Baik is the Flight Commander of Charlie flight 965th Airborne Air Control Squadron, Tinker Air Force Base, Oklahoma and an E-3 Aircraft Commander. He oversees the training and combat effectiveness of 25 Airborne Communication Technicians and Communication System Operators. Additionally, he supervises a crew for the safe operation of flight on the E-3 Sentry, enabling command and control; intelligence, surveillance, and reconnaissance. As an aviator, Capt Baik has endured combat deployment supporting the crucial mission in the war against terror. As a leader, Capt Baik excels in his unit as a Flight Commander and a Company Grade Officer. As an airman, Capt Baik has been a mentor to many younger Company Grade Officers and he has led several self-improvement training classes preparing fellow Officers for success in both the academic and operational environment. In the community, Capt Baik is a tremendous asset whose presence and contributions can be felt across the local area through volunteering and the church. Capt Timothy Baik sets an impressive standard that is admired by all of his peers. Most importantly, Capt Baik’s humbleness make him the type of leader that can always be approached for advice and guidance.