Dr. RJ Webber joined the Novi Community School District 5 years ago as the Assistant Superintendent of Academics. What he has been able to accomplish in the Novi district is exemplary. The k-12 curriculum is held in a warehouse called Atlas Rubicon for all the staff to access as well as parents. This process took over 12,000 hours of diligence on Novi Community School teacher’s behalf. In addition, he has helped to shape the culture of the district by helping to create and launch a district monument where writing and social justice pillars serve as the foundation. Dr. Webber has been a champion for student /staff voice. He is intentional in affirming his staff through phone calls, emails, office/school/classroom visits which invigorates them in continuing to give NCSD their very best on a daily basis. He has been instrumental in bringing MTSS, restorative practices, Playworks and Haven programming to the school district. Dr. Webber is a lead learner who is respected and admired by all.