Annica Törneryd admits that taking on new challenges has always been a part of how she lives her life.  So, when the opportunity to join the John Maxwell Team came to her, she joined right away.

As it has for so many others, the JMT opened the doors for Annica to become a better coach and speaker. She is now fulfilling dreams she has had for years by becoming a paid speaker and influencer, making a significant impact on others.

On top of the fulfillment of those dreams, Annica’s personal growth has exploded.  “Having the opportunity to challenge yourself,” she says, “and all this great accountability has been the perfect fit for me.”

She was surprised, though, to notice the impact that her time on the John Maxwell Team has had on her parenting.

It really hit her during one of Christian Simpson’s lessons during coaching training about asking great questions.  She knew the importance of this as she coached her clients, but, when Christian mentioned it in the context of parenting, she realized that she had been giving her children orders–as so many of us probably unknowingly do–and expecting them to deliver, rather than asking questions and guiding them to the right choices for them.

On top of that, they are having so much more fun!  “Our relationship was great,” she points out, “but it’s exceptionally good now.”

As much as she can, Annica shares the JMT content with her kids, even though they are still very young.  She is really looking forward to the day that they start reading John’s books!

The opportunities for Annica to learn and grow and become better have truly been too many to count in her journey with the John Maxwell Team.  She says, “I do not know a better investment you can make for oneself, let alone a business and other opportunities, but for the person, to live life the way you want to and be and do your best. This is the best opportunity I’ve ever seen.”