Rachel Eddowes – Virginia Beach, Virginia

Although she is only 22 years old, Rachel’s accomplishments are too numerous to mention. Particularly noteworthy is that her accomplishments are all on her own time as a volunteer while also pursuing her academic career. Rachel led a leadership-training course teaching leadership and team building skills to young adults, ages 18 to 26, representing every country in the Western Hemisphere. Parts of her responsibilities included developing and leading a multi-national staff to deliver this training. In the process, Rachel helped create and develop the training modules used in this training. This course has been a phenomenal success that has resulted in influencing young adults far beyond the participants who attended. Many of those participants have gone on and developed their own training programs in their respective countries thus Rachel’s influence is having an exponential impact across the Western Hemisphere. Recently Rachel was asked by the Girl Scouts of America to use her experience to develop a leadership training course for girls in the Girl Scout program. This will further the impact that Rachel is having on the lives of young people.