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Founded in March, 2011 by John C. Maxwell in partnership with Paul Martinelli and Scott Fay, the John Maxwell Team, with more than 30,000 members from 147 different countries worldwide to date, has reached significance and plays a key role side-by-side with John Maxwell and the John Maxwell Company as leaders in the personal growth and corporate development industries. But that only happens with visionaries with the know-how, with an incredible group of skilled and talented people, and with support staff, second to none, all devoted to each and every aspect of this Program in their own unique way.

"When we first started this program, John said to me ... 'I want the people who are in this program to be the very best equipped and have the best training, to give them the support they need to develop themselves and those around them.' And I knew those were my marching orders and that John would come along with us and give us a roadmap."
~ Paul Martinelli, VP of Business Development, John Maxwell Team.

Together, it is our promise to exceed all expectations and provide you with the key ingredients for you to be successful!

Join John's Team and us ... today!



John C. Maxwell


For more than 40+ years, John has been helping the world understand what leadership truly is and has equipped those with knowledge, tools and resources to answer the call to lead. John brings vision and experience to the JM Team as he guides them to be top leaders and to help them create a sphere of influence that will leave behind an army of strong leaders.

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Mark Cole

CEO of John Maxwell Companies

Mark Cole serves as the CEO of all John Maxwell Companies and has more than 25 years of leadership and team development experience, which uniquely qualifies him to have an integral role and be the champion of the John C. Maxwell brand. He is committed to adding value to individual leaders and leadership teams. Mark has experience in both the non-profit and for-profit sectors, and he has led companies through economic challenges, growth barriers, and disconnected team dynamics.

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Chris Robinson

Executive Vice President of Maxwell Entrepreneurial Solutions

Chris is an international speaker and executive coach. Chris’s leadership beginnings started while he was a sales representative for one the largest vehicle services contract service providers in the U.S. Within a five-year period, he quickly advanced four positions to Senior Sales Manager. He continued to develop his leadership strengths while overcoming his weaknesses, helping the company grow from a staff of 18 to more than 700.

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Paul Martinelli

VP of Business Development

As a highly successful entrepreneur, and from his association with other top industry leaders and his candid keynote speeches, workshops and seminars around the world on the "Power of the Mind", Paul Martinelli, brings a unique coaching, training and business building style to the John Maxwell Team.

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Christian Simpson

Professional Coaching Trainer

As an internationally acclaimed expert in profession coaching, Christian has made a difference as a business coach, mentor and transformational leader to entrepreneurs and business owners across the world. John Maxwell Team members enjoy his unique style of coach training and support that he has only utilized within major companies, up until now.

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Roddy Galbraith

Speaker Trainer

As an international speaker, trainer, mentor and coach with a passion for helping people find their voice, craft their message and hone their delivery, hands down, Roddy offers to John Maxwell Team members solutions to the every day challenge of not only communcating, but connecting.

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Department Heads

Craig Ratliff

Craig Ratliff

Director of Operations
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Kelly Dellasala

Director of Sales

Cindy Ratliff

Director of Administration and Accounting
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Lane Jones

Director of Branding
Gina Casual3 0072

Gina Watts

Youth Leadership Director
John Griffin2

John Griffin

President, PAC International

Ray Popham

PAC President