Life is a marathon not a sprint, yet so many people treat it as such, then end up frustrated at their outcomes.

I recently signed up for a 12 week 5K for beginners program. Week 1 starts off with a 3 day run/walk, then each week the process compounds to build endurance and focus both physically and mentally.

No matter how zealous I feel as each week passes, allocated in the program is rest and recovery time to avoid injury. The key here is to be patient, learn to run my own race and not get distracted. If I stick to this process with patience, then by week 12, I will no longer run/walk but rather have the focus, agility and endurance, through compounding efforts, to run the full 5K at a steady pace.

John Maxwell clearly brings this steady paced marathon example to life, as with well over 40 years experience in leadership development, his life shows how steady paced consistency and efforts that are compounded, does produce better results.

In John’s message, The Rule of 5, he shares how swinging an axe five times every day produces better results than trying to swing an axe non stop in one day. Applied further to his life, John shares how the power and value of our daily routines, when focused on our core and our true north brings forth results. You see, everyday John reads, everyday John writes, everyday John thinks, everyday John asks questions and everyday John files. Not just some days, but everyday. Steady paced consistency is the key, not just for a week, a month or a year.

So, enough about swinging axes, tell me, how are you running your race called life? Are you running your race or by ambition running someone else’s? Are you in your lane pursuing your passion or are you always crossing over onto another seemingly better lane or smoother track? As you reflect on these questions, I want to share with you the critical importance and purpose in running your own race and going through this process with patience.

In John Maxwell’s book, The 21 Irrefutable Laws of Leadership, the law of process is one which I believe is so critical and yet at times, so overlooked and even misunderstood. You see, patience, timing and the law of process go hand in hand. Process, helps hone a thing to produce an end result, but only if one is submitted.

Being impatient while the law of process is at work, can cause you to look at someone else’s lane or track, and desire theirs’, because it looks smoother and easier, instead of submitting to the process of your own lane-track-race. However, Don’t Be Deceived, EVERYONE goes through the law of process. And of course, if there is an attempt to skip the process, you will be unprepared and exposed when it’s time for the rubber to meet the road.

However, When you take strides on purpose, while submitting to the process of your own lane, your own track, your own race; you develop something valuable to bring to the table. You see, although the world awaits your gifts and talents; character along with fortitude and resilience, can only be formed through the law of process. Then, your purposeful strides will cause you to be around for the long haul, as we have seen too many fleeting stars.

So, my friends, I encourage you to reflect how you have been running your race called life. It’s never to late to make necessary adjustments. Take strides on purpose and submit to the process with Patience. I know it’s not easy, but you won’t be disappointed! Yes, Take Strides on Purpose and Remain!

About the Author

ShavonneShavonne Morain is a Certified Independent Coach, Speaker and Trainer with the John Maxwell Team and founder of SHIFT Transformational Leadership Coaching, LLC.

She is a transformational leader with an innate ability to solve problems and to empower others to think outside of the box thus finding their own solutions.

Shavonne supports clients that are stuck in transition on the shorelines of Here and need help navigating the waters to their place called There.

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