Leading Edge: Top 3 Goals for 2019

Leading Edge: Top 3 Goals for 2019

My top 3 goals for 2019:

As I pursue the following goals, I see 2019 as being the most exciting and challenging year of my life so far! Joining the JMT in August 2016 has helped equip and position me ideally for each of these.

  1. Completing my Masters Dissertation with a “youth and family” focus by April 2019
  2. Writing my first book on “Essential Leadershifts” in how we raise and lead the next generation in our churches and homes
  3. Launching out in business as a speaker, coach and consultant while continuing some of my unpaid international ministry engagements.

Dare to believe that there is a plan, but one you are invited to participate in shaping

I joined the JMT in August 2016. At age 58, I believed that this was to be a strategic next step. It will be a push forward in a season in my life and role as a leader in Christian ministry in Europe. For the last 10 years, I’ve served as convener and facilitator of initiatives and networks serving children and youth, and more recently families.

At the same time, I sought to support and encourage the European Evangelical Alliance, whom I served voluntarily as Children’s Ministry Associate, and national Alliance leaders to give greater priority to the next generation.

The Dream Test

Working through John’s book “Put Your Dream To The Test” gave a significant boost to my confidence and determination to pursue a growing conviction and clear orientation of choices made over the last 25 years.

Opportunities were given to serve in projects and partnerships with others who shared a similar passion for sharing God’s love for every individual but especially the children and youth. We shared common dreams and experienced on many occasions as John teaches, just how much “teamwork makes the dream work!”

A Growing Alignment

In the JMT, I began seeing clear evidence of a growing alignment of vision and passion among the leadership to better equip the next generation. I was impressed with the YouthMax and YouthMax Plus resources with Nick Vujicic as an incredible Global Ambassador.

My “why?” for joining the JMT became even clearer when the Global Youth Initiative was launched in 2017. This gave an occasion to connect some ministry partners with JMT colleagues to work together. When the opportunity was given to join the Youth Committee of the President’s Advisory Council (PAC) it was a “no brainer”!

Children, Youth and Family

Having been a European member of the Global Children’s Forum since its creation in 2008, I participated in the Family Project work team that contributed to the launching of the Global Family Alliance in 2017 with many key global partners.

More and more key leaders are slowly recognizing the growing need to support church communities and families in their raising children to become mature adults with a strong faith, positive character, healthy values, and a heart to serve. Here again there seems to be a wonderful converging of vision with the JMT now offering both a Youth Certification and a Parenting Certification in 2019.

Clarity, Confidence and Courage

I recognize having been blessed with mentors and friends who have invested in my family and myself, and all this is for a purpose. As a JMT member supported by the Mentorship Faculty as mentors and friends, I have also gained through their teaching and example greater clarity, confidence and courage as I continue to step out of my comfort zones and undertake new challenges and pursue these top 3 goals for this year.

In this new phase of the adventure, I will be progressively handing over my responsibilities in the children and youth ministry networks to take on more of an advocacy role through writing and speaking while also being available to do some coaching, consulting and mentoring.

When we join the JMT, it is part of a greater story and purpose. I can confidently say that this training and experience is a vital part of equipping us for the next chapter of our lives!


Harry Bryans is an Independent Executive Director, Certified Coach, Teacher and Speaker with The John Maxwell Team. He is also Director of HB New Life and Leadership Coaching and Consulting.

Originally from N. Ireland (UK), he has served in Christian ministries in Belgium and Europe for the last 35 years. He and his wife Catherine have two adult children.

Harry serves on several global partnership initiatives and as Associate for Children’s Ministry with the European Evangelical Alliance. He has helped launch both Children’s and Youth Ministry networks in Europe and became a certified member of the John Maxwell Team to better equip today’s and tomorrow’s leaders. He is passionate about seeing children and youth grow as disciples of Christ and discover their God-given gifts and purpose in life.