Leading Edge: How The Leadership Game Built Up a Team

The game started with only a few of the members of the organization in the room. No one was sure what they were getting into. One senior sales member had body language which made me wonderif he really wanted to be there. One of the younger individuals said “this looks like fun” yet was hesitantly curious.

The table was set with the cards in place. I prefaced our experience with a short story to illustrate the Law of the Lid. After explaining the rules I knew I might have a tough group when they didn’t seem to react as if “silent time” card would be a fun card to use on one of their co-workers.

The die was rolled and the first card was drawn. We went deep quick. The manager drew a card asking him to pick the person in the room who was the best people person and tell him why. Now this is a room of successful sales people and the sensitive stuff is not natural. He gives the card to the youngest member of the team in the room. The die is thrown again and there is another opportunity to
encourage a team member. As play continues they draw a card challenging them to look at their priorities and they learn from one another strategies on how to be more effective in their daily routines.

This was only a taste of the game for this group since it was not the full two hour experience. We are nearing the end time and I turn to the manager to ask if we can go over and without hesitation he says “yes.” At this point an additional individual has joined us and we are sharing what the most impressive thing we have discussed during our time has been. What did this group find?

1. They really care about one another. They are so busy doing their work that the time to slow down and hear from their peers about the strengths they have, or learn from one another in a fun environment was priceless.

2. They wanted more. The manager wanted more time to engage in this experience with his team not only for his benefit, but for the benefit of those who were not able to make it. He saw how this simple game was creating more unity on the team and enabling them to discuss issues they may not normally discuss.

3. An increased awareness. They became more aware of one another and the value each individual brings to the team. They were able to see their boss from a different perspective and were able to discuss organizational issues that were holding them back.

A simple yet powerful game brought increased awareness to a small sales team. By creating a safe, fun, non-confrontational environment I was able to help this team grow in unity and effectiveness. What about you? Does your team feel your care as a leader and are there issues you need help getting discussed so you can move your organization forward? In The 21 Irrefutable Laws of Leadership John Maxwell’s Law of the Lid states: “Leadership ability determines a person’s level of effectiveness.” Raising your awareness through a resource like this will improve you and your team’s effectiveness and results. How will you raise your leadership lid today?


Throughout his professional career, Randy has helped individuals and teams work toward reaching their goals and developing as leaders where they are.  He is an Independent Executive Director of The John Maxwell Team and has a Masters in Organizational Leadership which he uses to help individuals develop their personal and professional leadership skills in a way that will increase their impact among their colleagues, friends, and family.  He lives in Fishers, Indiana with his wife and three sons.

You can learn more about Randy and his business at www.wheelercoachingsystems.com or www.johncmaxwellgroup.com/randywheeler.