Leading Edge: The 2019 Journey of Significance With JMT

Leading Edge: The 2019 Journey of Significance With JMT

By William B. Findley

2019 is another year full of hope and promise despite all the drama that surrounds each of us every day.  It is critical not to be distracted and become unfocused in terms of our priorities or the momentum behind our drive toward short and long-term victory.  

Within an organization such as JMT, there are vital dynamics which are priceless and cannot be replicated on an equitable basis if trying to go alone.  Thus, the relationship accountability piece is massive as we each consider what the next 12 months hold for our lives.

There are always a few questions we may want to consider when it comes to milestones we are pursuing.  What do you want your life to look like on December 31, 2019? How much different will it look from 2018?  How will you go about your personal and professional journey of creating value for others within your sphere of influence?  

The strong argument can be made that JMT is an essential part of the equation as it relates to our goals and planning for the future.  The key reason for this reality is the strong sense of community and relationships with leaders from all walks of life who bring a wealth of expertise, experience and encouragement based on their own journey.  

We must never lose sight of the reality of this deep connection that bonds us together as ONE.  One family. One team. One mind. One vision. One JMT. Remember….what sustains…what endures….is community.  

So, how has this JMTDNA dynamic impacted my personal ambition for 2019?  I am certainly beyond blessed with my personal and professional endeavors and the concept of success at this stage of my life is not really on the radar.  Rather…my full attention is on SIGNIFICANCE.  

Thus, as I engage with numerous JMT colleagues and others from around the world, there is always wise counsel to be gained if I lean in close and hear carefully what is being shared.  In fact, I would suggest that each encounter is rich with wisdom and insight that relates to so many areas of life and living which influences this concept of significance in service to others.

While I have never envisioned myself as much of a goal-setter on a personal level, I am a passionate, high-performing goal-getter since that is my frame of reference from a mindset that is always seeking to overachieve in every area of my life.  The JMT community inspires all of us to pursue our purpose, calling and destiny in a way that will extend our leadership capacity to influence and impact the world.

Several milestones that I have identified as worthy to pursue this year with a fresh perspective that is aligned with my core beliefs and life philosophy are:

(1) to go deeper in my relationships with people in my life including family, friends and clients around the world;

(2) to find more comprehensive ways to invest in the lives of people and serve in a greater capacity; and

(3) to take time to celebrate the micro-wins/micro-victories along my journey since those are critical to ensure micro-results that lead to major achievements.  

The third milestone will be a primary focus since I am in stronger alignment with the first two.  The concept of celebrating the oftentimes overlooked micro-wins is an area where most people struggle since we are so focused on the “grand slam” victories.  I am certainly guilty of that at times and need to ensure that I give credit for the routine base hits each day that are the backbone of building momentum resulting in significant influence.  

Without a doubt, our JMT community is conspicuous with sharing these micro-wins and will continue to be a source of encouragement in spirit, word and deed.

My final word of encouragement to our JMT family is to know that wherever you are in life right now during these first few weeks of 2019, you are OK.  Do not allow the distraction of comparison to get a foothold in your thinking that deters you from fulfilling your purpose and potentially missing Divine Appointments that have been set aside with your name on them.  

Your current situation has not caught our Creator by surprise on any level.  Take solace in the reality that you are comprehensively and unconditionally loved.  Be intentional with a focus on your journey and all the goodness that has been placed in your life for which to be thankful…and accountable.  Yes, always strive to improve every single day. If you are not where you want to be then carefully think through your plan of attack and be proactive.  But never doubt that you are OK right now.  Mahalo and Blessings from Hawaii….always!  Think better. Live better. Be better.


Dr. William B. Findley, II….Servant-Leader, Profound Visionary, Leadership Scientist, Neuro-Leader, Charismatic and Inspiring Communicator, Certified Professional Coach (International Coaching Academy ’18), High Performance Executive Coach, Executive Director with the John Maxwell Team, John Maxwell Advanced Certified Speaker, Trainer, and Coach, United States Navy Veteran, Former College Head Soccer Coach (NCAA D-I, NCAA D-II, NAIA), Former All-Navy and United States Armed Forces Head Soccer Coach, Pastor, Professor, Educator, Entrepreneur and Influential Leader with primary expertise in Leadership, Motivation, Inspiration and Mindshift….and Founder/ CEO of the William Findley Group that is the driving force and creative energy behind the signature and dynamic organizations, BELIEFHACKER and Uber Leadership.

After 4+ years of intense, rigorous, scholarly academic work, in April 2017 Dr. Findley was fortunate to survive and successfully complete his Doctor of Education (Ed.D.) in Organizational Leadership (Grand Canyon University) with distinction.

Dr. Findley is recognized as a dynamic, gifted communicator with dynamic stage presence. He drives relevant results and exponentially increases the Leadership capacity of people and organizations around the world. His ability to personally engage and connect with each person he encounters is part art, part science and truly magical. The primary focus in life for Dr. Findley is to continue creating substantive, meaningful relationships that will position others for optimum influence and impact.

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