Leading Edge: Powerful Strategies for Taking Charge

Powerful Strategies for Taking Charge

Don’t Settle for Anything Less

From the book Today Matters, I would like to share with you two attributes that changed the way I operate in both my business and personal life. The first attribute is in Chapter 7 – Today’s THINKING Gives Me an Advantage.

Have you ever acted first and then said to yourself, “Why did I do that?” Good news is – we all have! Many of us rely on what worked in the past to continue moving forward, only to find out that what may have worked in the past, no longer works today. We get stuck “spinning in the mud” and wonder why we aren’t making traction with our ideas and business growth. Technology is constantly changing, so you can’t rely on old technologies to compete in the new world.

John Maxwell says: “It doesn’t matter what profession a person pursues, thinking precedes achievement.” You must be able to think your ideas through to become successful. When most start their first business, they don’t think it through. In hindsight, perhaps they weren’t clear on their offerings or who their potential clients should be. Not thinking through the process causes a business to fail. This very scenario happened to me.

After regrouping, I realized that there had to be a thought process – which included what I had learned from the previous failing business – and the need to learn a business model process before continuing. I developed a mindset to propel me forward to think through every process, both big and small, in starting my next business. You must research every avenue to starting a business and search online to see what clients are looking for so that you can provide them with opportunities for growth. I not only wanted to increase my potential, but more importantly increase my clients’ potential.

“The greater your thinking, the greater your potential.”

There are many types of thinking: Big Picture, Focused, Creative, Realistic and Strategic, to name a few. When you don’t engage in different types of thinking, you limit yourself to other possibilities. I utilized the different types of thinking to maximize my strengths and areas of improvement.

If you want to be a good thinker, you must take responsibility for your own thinking. Set a time and place to think and do it every day. Write down your thoughts and review these to see how you can implement them into your business or personal life. Thinking can change your life, your business, and your clients needs in a forever way.

The second attribute I found helpful in my business is from Chapter 13 – Today’s VALUES Give Me Direction.

“Your core values are the deeply held beliefs that authentically describe your soul.”

Have you ever sat still and thought about your values? What drives your everyday thoughts and actions?

Our values were ingrained in us as children. Our determination of what success looks like was given to us by our parents. If you were raised in a household where values were positive and constantly reinforced, your work ethic will be different than those who didn’t experience the same.  I was raised in the positive household where hard work constituted reward. I was taught in order to be successful you had to work hard every day. If you didn’t constantly try to improve yourself, you weren’t going to succeed.

I have three personal values that I utilize every day in my business: Persistence, Passion and Purpose. My integrity aligns my actions to be able to operate with the 3 P’s. Each of us has different values and strategies that we live by, so I accept the differences but also utilize my values to give me direction to enable others to enhance their lives.

I am persistent in my pursuing my business goals and objectives. Every day I write down what is working and what needs improvement. My passion drives me to find the answers to those things that need improvement. If I’m not diligent in finding the answers to my areas of improvement, how can I expect to help others in doing this very same thing? It is my overall purpose in life to help others achieve greatness and satisfaction in what they do.

Here are the actions steps you should follow in order to think first then act within your values to carry out your business objectives:

  • Always think through the process, and
  • Find the answers through intense research to create wins instead of just learning experiences.




MICHELE SFAKIANOS (Sfa-can-iss) is a registered nurse, leading authority on parenting and life skills, speaker, certified personal coach and an award-winning author. Her books and programs provide the answers you’ve always wanted to many of life’s difficult “who/what/why/where/when and how-to” questions. She has two college degrees and several certifications. Michele has the desire to help others reach their full potential by providing information in a concise, direct-to-the-point, manner. She knows your time is valuable and strives to provide you the information you need, quickly and accurately, to unlock your potential.