John Maxwell Team


With a structured approach, the John Maxwell Team’s speaking program will prepare you to influence an audience by modeling the world’s best speakers. Whether you’re a seasoned veteran or a beginner, this program will help you to harness the power of storytelling to connect with and empower every audience you meet!

John Maxwell Team


The John Maxwell Team’s coaching program will equip you with the tools and resources you need to affect positive growth and inspire transformation in businesses and individuals. With the most comprehensive coaching curriculum in the industry, we will teach you how to help others reach their purpose, vision, and goals effectively.

John Maxwell Team


With curriculum developed from decades of experience, the John Maxwell Team’s leadership program will show you how to increase your impact by expanding your influence. With simple, structured strategies, you will learn how to create and foster positive connections in order to lead yourself, your business or organization, and your team to achieve success.

John Maxwell Team


By selecting challenging, impactful materials, the John Maxwell Team brings driven individuals together to study, learn, and share ideas. With a diverse community of perspectives, Mastermind Groups will provide you with the strategic thinking partners and networking relationships you need in order to take your growth to the next level.


John Maxwell Team

“This team has been pivotal to my success.”

“It began with a paid speaking event in Las Vegas where I spoke to a group of 350 people. After the event, I received an invite to speak to 4,500 on the main stage!

I encourage you to stay in the game and keep pursuing your dreams. The John Maxwell Team will help you gain the momentum to succeed. This team has been invaluable to me and I am so grateful.”

-Chris Robinson
Owner, R3 Coaching & Marketing

John Maxwell Team

“The power of association with John Maxwell is immeasurable.”

“When I tell prospects, ‘I’m a John Maxwell coach, speaker, and trainer, and here’s what I have to offer,’ they listen! The John Maxwell Team has opened doors I never dreamed I could open on my own.”

-Deb Ingino
CEO & Founder of Strength Leader

John Maxwell Team

“The single best investment I ever made.”

“The John Maxwell Team’s training has been the BEST investment I have ever made in myself! The business building model the team provides has taken me to the next level. By following their plan, I went from a Mastermind Group to one-on-one coaching with the CEO and planning the company’s upcoming executive retreat. Thank you to the John Maxwell Team for giving me the real tool to success.”

-Michael Harbour
CEO & Founder of Harbour Resources Leadership

John Maxwell Team

“I see a transformation in my company!”

“Thank you John for the message on ‘promises’, which I taught at my Mastermind Group meeting. The group loved this message. I’m amazed at how many lives are being changed and transformed! I also sent this message to all the directors of our schools and had the opportunity to teach John’s message at our last business owners’ summit. This training is transforming our company! I’m excited that more of our business owners are joining the John Maxwell Team.”

-Tina Black
Owner, Paul Mitchell School

John Maxwell Team

“I am so excited!”

“I started a paid Mastermind Group and now I just signed up several new coaching clients! The secret to success can always be found in your daily agenda. Trust the Maxwell process, it works! I am grateful to be part of the Maxwell family and for all the encouragement they have given me.

Thank you!”

-Rodolfo Lopez
Katapult Leadership Associates

John Maxwell Team

“I presented YouthMax to over 500 students!”

“John Maxwell YouthMAX leadership sessions are in full force. I have presented to over 500 students in 5 days. By focusing on helping youth navigate through life I am transforming today’s potential into tomorrow’s leaders. It is such a blessing to share the principles of leadership, to connect youth to their careers, and help them uncover and realize their potential. Adding value to over 500 students has been an amazing experience.”

-Gina Jones
Educator, Center for Experiential and Developmental Education, Coordinator at Penn State Fayette

Over 15,500 John Maxwell Team certified members are leading companies in over 149 countries around the globe!
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“A leader is one who knows the way, goes the way, and shows the way.”
-John Maxwell

This is an advanced leadership and skill training program
for those who want to achieve greater success and improve the lives of others.
What are the top reasons to enroll now?

1. Succeed in any role when you master the Maxwell Method of Leadership!

  • With 40+ years of leadership experience, our curriculum is proven to advance leaders in every industry.
  • Once certified, you will be licensed to coach, teach, and speak with any of John’s curriculum, products, and books anywhere in the world.

2. Lifetime access to world class tools and resources!

  • You will receive exclusive access to hundreds of customizable resources in our Online Platform, including coaching manuals, speaking scripts, workbooks, powerpoint presentations, archived videos and thousands of hours of archived calls.
  • As a certified member, you will be able to co-brand with the Maxwell name to market yourself and open more doors than ever before.

3. Join a supportive community of distinguished leaders all over the world!

  • With around-the-clock support from John Maxwell Team members in 149 countries, you will build and foster connections with top leaders in every industry.
  • Partner with John’s hand-picked faculty and team members to learn proven methods to increase your influence and income faster than ever before.
The John Maxwell Team
The John Maxwell Team