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The John Maxwell Team


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Our Family

In March 2011, John said "I want to make a difference with people...who want to make a difference... doing something different, at a time when it makes a difference!" And that is how the family began! When you enroll in the John C. Maxwell Certification Program, you truly are part of our "family". John likes to say, "Now you have John Maxwell Team - DNA!"

The John Maxwell Team is comprised of incredible people from all different ages, nationalities, countries, religions, and industries, but all with a common goal, to add value to their life and the lives of others.

We have those who just want to be a better father or mother, those that want to be a better spouse, those that want to add value to their communities and churches, those that work within companies and want to take their game to the next level, those that are entrepreneurs, those that are already coaching, teaching, speaking and training or that would like to start. We have top athletes, we have members of government, leaders of countries, and top CEO's of Fortune 100 companies! You name it, and you will find people from every industry, for every reason, and from every country!

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