RSRS_Nicoa Garett

In 2013, Nicoa Garrett was taking a leadership course at Nova Southeastern University. Intent on advancing her own talent for helping others, she was immediately captivated by the required textbook, John Maxwell’s The 21 Irrefutable Laws of Leadership. With a desire to learn more from John, she began researching and came across his leadership certification program.

Over the next three years, she played with the idea of joining. “I made several inquiry calls, asked other people for their opinions, and was basically afraid to take the next steps due to me not having the extra finances to invest and I was afraid I might not excel.” Unable to shake the feeling that this was where she belonged, she ultimately put her resources together and made the decision to jump in feet first.

Right away, she was surprised by the amount of support and resources the team provided. “No matter what questions I may have or how much time I need for someone to help me, I continue to receive the same friendly and caring support from everyone.” She began to dive deep into the program.

A passionate motivator, Nicoa has always loved adding value to others. “I use my passion to intentionally and deliberately cause others to grow, develop, become effective change agents and better communicators.” Each day she strives to impact lives through education and changing beliefs to free people from their barriers. Often she finds that her passion for helping others can overcome her own growth. “Sometimes I can become so focused on helping others that I have to stop, slow down, and make sure that I’m personally learning, growing, and developing so that I am better prepared and equipped to help others grow, grow, grow!”

The John Maxwell Team has given Nicoa a community of like-minded motivators who empower and inspire her to continue sharing her strengths with the world. “You have to dive deep.” She says. “Go full steam ahead and DO NOT look back. The only way to lose is if you give up!”