Do You Have The Right Mentor?

Sorin Popa RSRS

Who are the mentors in your life? Are you engaging in relationships that help you stretch and reach your goals? As John Maxwell says, “We all need someone to help us in our pursuit of intentional growth and the right mentor helps you take massive leaps forward.”

Sorin Popa, the President of the John Maxwell Team in Romania, knows how integral having good mentors is to personal growth. “I had been reading John’s books for almost 10 years when I heard about the JMT being launched,” he said.

“I attributed a lot of my success to the concepts I studied in John’s books. I knew the value of John’s content, I had seen it in my life, and I always had the dream of one day being able to share that content with the Romanian people. The John Maxwell Team gave me the platform to do that.”

Even though Sorin was an avid student of John’s teachings, it took much more than just his studies and becoming part of the team to elevate him towards his success. He said the mentorship he received was a vital component to where is is today. In fact, he felt it was the number one game-changer for his career.

“To meet Paul Martinelli in person, being mentored by him, and later having him introduce me to John Maxwell and the rest of the faculty was essential. I am a product of mentorship and I will always be grateful for that. A major turning point for me was when I learned from John that being a good leader does not mean making everyone happy. I am the kind of person who gets hurt when I get criticized, and I had to learn to accept that and to continue leading knowing there will always be some people not approving of how I lead.”

To those who are just starting out, or who have already started on their journey of personal growth, Sorin says his best advice is this: “First I would congratulate them. To begin growing intentionally is the best thing anybody can do for themselves and their future. Then I would strongly encourage them to find the right mentors. Having a strong mentor will save you a lot of time and mostly it will keep you from messing with your own head.”

Are you really getting all you can out of your personal growth journey? Good mentors can help you get to where you’re headed even faster, and if you want the best mentors in the world be sure to join the John Maxwell Team and catapult your growth and success.