Dr. Devin Padavil is an extraordinary leader. He is currently the President Elect of the Texas Association of Secondary School Principals and the Principal of a new Campus, Lebanon Trail High School in Frisco, Texas. I was a teacher when I first met Devin. Immediately, he saw my potential as a future leader myself. Throughout the years Devin has nurtured my growth through conversations that guided my thinking rather than solving issues. When teaching, he modeled instructional strategies in my classroom, I had never seen an administrator willing to showcase their own teaching. He had me observe other teachers and watch them so my craft could strengthen. As I moved into administration he assisted me as a new principal on communication, word choice, perspective, and organizational structure. It was hard to believe that while he was nurturing my growth, he was running a campus, coaching his own children’s soccer teams, and pursuing a doctoral degree. The best leaders create more leaders, and with Devin Padavil, leadership will emerge through his own staff and students, as well as all that he has encountered and theirs. The ripple effect has turned tides.