Dennis Postema is a 34 year old entrepreneur who has never let adversity define him. Dennis started his own insurance business, Postema Insurance & Investments, in 2005 at the young age of 23 years old. In 2009 Dennis was determined that he could help other agents nationwide, so he started another company, Postema Marketing Group, to help independent insurance agents across the country build their business. Not content on staying in the insurance field, Dennis has added motivational speaker and author to his resume. With the title “Author” comes 16 Amazon #1 Best-selling books for Dennis. Dennis is an overall influencer, motivator, and staple in not only our community but the United States as well. Although Dennis has had much success for 34 years of life, his obstacles he has overcome are what make him a leader to follow. Dennis lost his brother 11 years ago in a car accident, had a barn fire that killed five of his family horses, and has had three life changing surgeries for ulcerative colitis. Yet despite all of these hardships, Dennis continues to see the positive in every situation and leaves every person he encounters a better person.