Mark has made a positive impact in the lives of many. Whether he is helping a customer navigate their business, assisting with the strategic vision of various local non-profits, making an initial introduction between an up-and-comer and a potential person of influence, or spending his late evenings / early mornings reviewing work and providing feedback so that others are not delayed by his involvement in the process, Mark is always selfless and giving of his time and effort. Mark continually adds more value than can be expected and is the type of person that leads from the front with an attitude mixed of equal parts “get things done” and “how can I help make sure everyone else is reaching their potential”.Mark leaves a lasting impact on everyone blessed with the opportunity to interact with him. It would be impossible to quantify the impact that he has had on the development of numerous colleagues at the Bank or the impact that his actions and leadership have had on the overall profitability of the Bank over the years.