It’s Your World… Change It!

A Leadership Conversation with John C. Maxwell - for People Who Want to Make a Difference

Wednesday, December 16 
10:00 AM (PT) / 1:00 PM (ET)

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When the world changes around you, what will you do to change your world?

Imagine a world...

  • Where one small act of kindness turned into billions of acts, like a never-ending chain.
  • Where people value people and have a genuine love for one another.
  • Where every neighborhood was safe because the community looked after each other.
  • Where someone did something that unites us together instead of drives us apart.
  • Where that someone is YOU!

This world that you imagine... What if it was real? What if you really did have a voice in your world and you really could make a difference?

We believe you can.

You Can Make A Difference. You Can Change Your World.

“One person can make a difference,
and everyone should try.”

–John F. Kennedy


Yes, the world around you may be full of challenges and difficulties, and you may feel like real change is next to impossible. But what if you changed your perspective? Instead of looking at the world, take a moment and look at YOUR world. Within your world - your home, your work, your circle of friends, your community - you are the captain of your ship. You get to decide whether you will be proactive and take a stand or reactive and stand by on the sidelines.

So, the question is: Are you going to act or react?

Calling All Change Makers:
It’s Time to Be the Change You Want to See in the World.

The truth is, if you are going to see real change in the world, you must get involved to create that change.

Change Makers Have 3 Things in Common

Change Makers...

  1. See a better world for themselves and others.
  2. Care enough to take action. They don’t just dream or talk about change. They make change happen.
  3. Hold a space for others to experience the benefits of change.

Change Makers know that real change happens when you get involved in the process. They are everyday people. It could be your staff or team, your family, your neighbors and friends, the stranger who paid for your coffee or let you go ahead in the long line at the store… it could be YOU!

People who care enough to do something – not because someone asked them to, but because they know it’s the right thing to do – they are the people who change the world!

The Lady in the Restroom

You see, Change Makers believe that if you see something that can be improved, don’t sit back and wait for others to do it, roll up your sleeves and do what you can to make the situation better. 

That’s what Marissa did when she visited the restroom in her local grocery store. As she waited in line to wash her hands, she noticed that the sink had gotten covered in water from everyone who used the sink before her. Rather than leaving it like that, she pulled out some extra paper towels and wiped down the sink.

She looked up and said:

“If we each do our part it won’t be so bad for the next person.”

Immediately, Marissa changed HER world! She didn’t work for the grocery store, nor did she wait for the store’s restroom attendant to come and clean the restroom. No one asked her to make the sink area cleaner and safer for everyone coming after her. She did it because she cared enough to change HER world. She saw a problem, pushed up her sleeves and took one simple action to make it better.

What if YOU did that? What if, like Marissa, you looked around, noticed something that could use improvement, and did one simple thing to make your world better? 

Here’s some good news... you can!

Here’s some good news... you can!

In his newest, soon-to-be-released book, Change Your World, John C. Maxwell says:

“You don’t have to be rich. You don’t have to be famous. You don’t have to move to another country. You don’t need an education. You don’t need an organization. And you certainly don’t need someone else’s permission. Transformation is about values. As long as you value yourself and you value people, you can change your world!

This is why we are officially launching the Change Your World Movement!

We Invite You to Join A Worldwide,
World-Changing Movement!

When you join us for this webinar, you will be introduced to the Maxwell Transformation Tables — a simple method for bringing people around the table to share common values that will empower each person to first experience their own transformation while they learn and grow with others around the table.

This method is so powerful that we’ve been able to reach 4.2 million people in several countries with transformational values, and we continue to get reports of the life-changing power of the Transformation Tables.

Watch the video below for a snapshot of transformation!

The Change Your World Movement will be your opportunity to connect with a purpose – a calling – that is bigger than yourself to make a difference in the world. When you learn how the Change Your World Movement works, you will see that change really is possible, and our world really can become a better place, one person at a time.

Well, Are You Ready to BE the Change?

At the forefront of the Change Your World Movement is VALUES. We know that the world around us is hungry and thirsty for change, and we believe we have the solution: People-first, heart-centered VALUES.

We need real change! And guess what, we’re not waiting for other people to do it!

A change in your world is about to happen, and it all begins with YOU!



Hello. My name is John and I’m your friend. I’ve always dreamed of impacting the world and changing lives one at a time. I’ve stayed a student of personal growth and development. Why? Because I believe it has the power to change us individually, connect communities, be a catalyst to corporations, and transform countries around the world.

You see, my passion in life is growing and equipping others to do remarkable things and lead significant and fulfilled lives.

There’s no greater mission for me. There’s no higher goal than to help others realize their significance and potential. That’s why I’ve dedicated my life to what I believe I do best: teach.

I’ve written more than 100 books that have been translated into fifty languages. I’ve authored several New York Times bestselling books and was named #1 leadership expert in the world by Inc. Magazine in 2014.

I also travel around the world meeting with people of all backgrounds in all places of leadership – from business to government to education, media and other institutions – to help them discover significance. I’ve taught what I know to Fortune 500 company leaders, university staff and students, church members and community leaders.

But I don’t go the journey alone. I need YOU on the journey with me. Because I know that one is too small of a number to achieve significance, be careful when you see me… whenever I have the opportunity, I WILL ask you to join me to make a difference in our world!

This call will help you see a better world, take action, and hold a space for others to experience the benefits of change.

Join John and Mark on this FREE live call where they will share with you how the Change Your World Movement will be your opportunity to connect with a purpose – a calling – that is bigger than yourself to make a difference in the world. 


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Hello, I am Mark Cole. John is your friend, and I’m your partner! I serve as CEO and President of the Maxwell Leadership Enterprise - a company of brands that include entrepreneurship (The John Maxwell Team), personal leadership (Maxwell Personal Leadership Solutions), corporate leadership (Maxwell Corporate Leadership Solutions), and community/nonprofit leadership solutions (Equip and John Maxwell Leadership Foundation). Our 

#1 goal is to add value to people through values-based, people-centered leadership.

With over 25 years of experience in leadership and team development and a passion for leadership and organizational growth, I am committed to adding value to leaders and their teams. Every day, I serve right alongside John Maxwell, as his right hand, gleaning, learning, and, most importantly, joining with John in the mission to add value to people. 

I’m looking forward to seeing you on the webinar as we host a leadership conversation with John!


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