Jason Benham – Concord, NC

Jason Benham of the Benham companies is a twin. He and his brother David are not only family but business partners. Jason was a former Major League Baseball player with St Louis Cardinals and Baltimore Orioles before becoming an icon in the real estate business with their flagship business the Benham REO Group, with 100 offices in 35 states. It was this company that provided the entrepreneurial spark the brothers needed to begin creating and growing businesses around the world.

The Benham brothers’ father taught them core principles which follow him to this day. They include “have faith in little things”, “to breathe life”, “to produce more value than you receive” and to be a “fountain not a drain.”

Today Jason is a serial entrepreneur owning several business consulting and investment companies throughout the world.  The Benham Companies are known for creating the concept of “Missioneering”: a combination of pioneering which includes go, do, what others have not done before and engineering, creating structure from the inside out with a mission heart. Globally they create self-sustaining revenue and jobs for overseas missions through entrepreneurial opportunities.  The brothers and their companies have received numerous awards including Inc. Magazine Fastest Growing Companies, Franchise 500 Top New Franchises, Ernst & Young Entrepreneurs of the Years finalists, Stevies Business Innovation of the Year, and Business Leader Media Top Entrepreneurs.

Jason has co-authored 3 books and presently he and his brother are found speaking around the country to various organizations.

Jason and his wife Tori have 4 children and presently lives in Concord, NC.