Becky Bursell is recognized for her relentless pursuit to help those who want to learn, grow and succeed. Her story is an intriguing journey. Becky was a stay-at-home mother with a stay-at-work husband John. Then she heard about a networking opportunity at a home meeting and recognized the opportunity that could provide relief for her husband who was working an exhausting 80-hour-a-week job as a systems engineer. With an initially reluctant husband, two young children to care for and no network marketing experience, Becky began her pursuit with abandon. From that first day, she began to see herself growing and developing both personally and professionally. She credits other leaders and mentors who guided her along the way and helped her build a solid organization. Today, she is an influencer to others. Her advice is simple yet profound centered on a theme of perseverance, “Just work and work and work, and never give up on yourself. You can do this, and you can have everything you want.” In between business, Becky caters also to needs in third world countries such as Ecuador or Peru and helping build schools & playgrounds to provide fresh run in water & food for people in need.