Barb Stegemann is on an incredible mission to reverse war and poverty. Barb values the dignity and empowerment of others through jobs. Her social enterprise harnesses buying power to support farmers and their families in nations rebuilding from strife and war to building peace. Barb does this by purchasing natural essential oils from nations that are rebuilding including Haiti, Afghanistan, The Middle East and Rwanda. Twenty-five hundred farmers in Afghanistan alone, have been able to grow legal orange blossom and rose crops instead of illegal poppy crop. Saving people from the terrible life of the heroin trade while saving her farmers’ young daughters from becoming “Opium Brides” under the Taliban rule is the priority. Barb has overcome many odds to achieve her mission. Born with a hereditary hearing impairment and raised below poverty, Stegemann credits her mentors who believed in her for ability to lead. Barb has also written a bestselling book that empowers women to run for office, launch companies and end bullying. Stegemann is a popular keynote speaker and has opened as keynote for Erin Brockovich, emceed for Rudy Giuliani, and is often invited to moderate panels and attend events as a delegate with world leaders such as Bill Clinton. Barb lives with her husband Mike and two children Victor and Ella.