Angelo is a person that exemplifies leadership. He was born to a single mom and had a speech impediment that could have easily sidelined him, but instead he used this as a vehicle to share with others about the power of believing in oneself and overcoming obstacles. He is currently the Chief Learning Officer with Shaping Leaders, a nonprofit company that equips individuals with the skills necessary to be extraordinary leaders. He could have easily stopped here, but he is on several nonprofit boards in his local community, and is active at his church, Piedmont Church in Marietta. He helps to serve the homeless during Thanksgiving and can be seen giving out presents to the underserved during Christmas. He also is an advocate for the importance of a good sound education and has worked with many christian academies in the greater metro Atlanta area in increasing scholarship opportunities for students that normally would not have access to a quality education. His work as a mentor in Marietta keeps him busy, and he is known to all as the person whose heart is truly on his sleeve, and his mission is to help just one more person.