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“Don't be afraid of change because it is leading you to a new beginning.” -Joyce Meyer


Welcome to Minute with Maxwell. Hi, my name is John. We're giving you statements of strength to encourage you. And Joyce Meyer has a great one for you today. She said, ‘Don't be afraid of change because it's leading you to a new beginning.’ Those are great words. You see, Joyce understands, I understand, and I want you to understand that change never leaves us the same. And that's why, sometimes, people kind of avoid change because they're not sure what's going to truly happen to them. In fact, if you really grow, you basically have an attitude I want change in my life. But if you're a fearful person, you're fearful of that change, and you seem to hold it at a distance.

You know, I'm afraid too many of us are like the man who was up in the hills of Vermont and he was celebrating his hundredth birthday. And a reporter from the city went up to visit the old man. And there he was sitting on the porch. So, they sat down together, and he wanted a little story from him. And so he started off by asking him this question. He said, ‘Well,’ he said, ‘you've lived a hundred years, and I'm sure that you've seen a lot of changes, haven't you?’ And the old man looked at him and said, ‘Yes, sir.’ He said, ‘I have,’ and he said, ‘I'm again' every one of 'em.’ I know people who live their whole life they're again' every one of 'em.’ That won't allow you to grow, that won't allow your life to expand in development. I want to encourage you, even during that crisis, when it shifts us, take that shift and let it move you forward and be an advantage to you.

Thank you for joining us today on Minute with Maxwell.

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