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“Your first step to success is having the confidence you can succeed.” –JOHN C. MAXWELL


Hi, John Maxwell here. I'm glad you're with me today on Minute with Maxwell. I have another statement of strength for you. I believe these are helping you. And I believe that you're sharing them with other people. And I'm so glad that I get to come in daily just for a moment, a minute, to encourage you in your life.

There's a statement that I often make that I want to give to you today. And the statement is, Your first step to success is having the confidence that you will succeed. In fact, the only reason we take the first step is because we have confidence. The journey begins by us not saying, I just want to take one step and quit. The journey begins with one step. And that begins with having confidence.

Sometimes, with my sense of humor, people ask me, John, what do you do? And sometimes I just tell them, I'm a lid lifter. I come into people's lives and help them see possibilities and lift the lid in their life. And let them maybe go a little higher than they would have if they would not have met me. At least, that's what I hope to do. But sometimes, I’m just what I would call a yes, you can man. I'm a person that just says, I can help you live on the other side of yes. I can help you live a life of abundance when most people choose to live a life of scarcity.

Here's what I know: the first step is the most important one, because it gets you started. So I want you to have confidence today, not for the whole journey. Just for today. Just for this step. Go ahead, and take it. Guess what happens? Each step gives you more confidence until you become a confident person, even in a crisis.

Thanks for being with me today on Minute with Maxwell.

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