Deb Ingino

CEO of Strength Leader Development LLC,
New York, USA

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Read Team Member Deb Ingino’s comments on the value of the John Maxwell Team

“The training has been first class right from the beginning and is sowing into my life, as well as the lives of all my clients. I am growing and my business is growing... FAST.”
Deb Ingino
“One key benefit of being a member of this Team is returning to the Live Event training and getting to know better my fellow John Maxwell Team members from around the world. In fact, because of this relationship building, I bid, and I was awarded the contract which turned into me collaborating with 17 other team members to fulfill. Together, we shares in an opportunity to teach, train, earn money and meet business owners/leaders in our area. This is a huge win-win for the entire John Maxwell Team!"
Deb Ingino
"I am so grateful; I have been busy doing lunch-n-learns, teaching mastermind groups, speaking at two separate engagements and facilitating one-on-one coaching sessions. In my spare time, I prepared three new business proposals. I am physically tired but mentally charged! I could never have accomplished so much without the support of the John Maxwell Team!"
Deb Ingino
"I have been honored to work with a Leadership Team in Mexico, which has blossomed into a year-long coaching contract, and I don't even speak Spanish! It proves a point. The business building model the John Maxwell Team has provided gives everything I need to influence businesses and lives even across boarders!"
Deb Ingino
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