In this Advanced Leadership Certification Program John C. Maxwell shares his secrets to:
  • Visionary leadership and the power of influence
  • Expanding beyond your ministry
  • Inspiring greatness
  • Developing the next generation
  • Communicating and speaking effectively
  • Becoming a transformational leader and creating a legacy
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“Global John Maxwell Team Members…
Add value to individuals, organizations and communities around the world”

“This is a Transformational Family!”

“What the John Maxwell Team has done in my life can only be compared to what God did in my life when I completely surrendered my will to him. My life was then entirely transformed from the inside out. My growth began with the value of the content and curriculum, but the most incredible aspect is the quality of the people who are part of the John Maxwell Team and their integrity and excellence are absolutely priceless.”

Humber Rodriguez – Owner, Coach and Church Leader
“I Have Come Full Circle.”

“When I started a church 23 years ago with no one other than my wife and two young sons, I knew nothing about leadership. Now 2,500 people later being able to be certified as a John Maxwell coach, teacher and speaker has been a great gift and opportunity. Thank you John and the entire team for developing my leadership skills.”

George Powell – Founding Pastor, Abundant Life Church
“I’m Making Difference in People’s Lives.”

“Less than a week after being certified, I was invited to be a keynote speaker to ‘1,000 Guys in Ties’ where I spoke to high school young men about manhood, and then I was asked to train the front office staff of the Houston Astros Baseball Club...where I work! It is amazing how God connects you to exactly the right people, but only if you stay close to Him...He is the ultimate source!!! Be blessed!”

Brandon Denton – Instruction Coordinator with the Houston Astros Baseball Club and Ministry Leader
“The John Maxwell Team Live Event is Amazing.”

“After sharing my experience with my church’s leadership team, my pastor asked me to do a presentation. I taught on the first principle from Everyone Communicates, Few Connect. When I finished he asked everyone if they would like to hear more and everyone raised their hands. Now, I will be teaching the leadership team the entire curriculum! Thanks to John and the Team for helping me realize my potential. This is exciting!”

Lance Taylor – Director of Church Education and Curriculum, Senior Consultant at Ambit Energy and Learning Program Manager with Hewlett-Packard
“Opportunities Lead to Big Things!”

“A member of my Mastermind Group is a board member of a local Bible College. He so enjoyed my Mastermind that he set up a meeting for me to meet the president of the college to discuss ways we could partner together to network with Christian business leaders in our community and provide them with leadership training. I went from thinking I might be able to add value to the college to building a strategy to network and speak with dozens of Christian business leaders.”

Todd MacPherson – Pastor, Church Administrator and Coach and Director of Non-Profit Upper Room House of Prayer
“Imagine Speaking to 400 Pastors!”

“I spoke last night to a group of 400 pastors. It was an amazing experience. Just before I took the stage I had this wave of nervousness come over me ... followed closely with the thought ‘I was born for this.’ As I stepped on the platform, I was in a perfect peace as I let my training take over. Thank you to all the John Maxwell Team who taught us the right mental and physical tools to achieve our dreams.”

Randy Stroman – Founder of Convergence Leadership and Relationship Center, Professional Training & Coaching and National Sales Strategist

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Reason #1 Become more influential
Reason #2 Confidence, Credibility, Content
Reason #3 Live Support

The proven Maxwell Method provides all the knowledge, resources, training and support you would expect from the top leadership training and development company in the world.

Advanced Techniques for Building Influence
Impact Drives Income. You'll be Certified and Licensed to:
Coach Training
Speaker Training
Sales Training
Marketing Training & Social Media
Also includes 3-day Live Training Event with John C. Maxwell in Florida
Space is Limited!

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About John C. Maxwell
  • Chosen as the world’s most influential leadership expert by Inc. Magazine
  • Voted “#1 Leader in Business” by the American Management Association
  • His organizations—The John Maxwell Company, The John Maxwell Team, and EQUIP—have trained more than 6 million leaders on every continent and in every nation
  • #1 New York Times bestselling author, coach, and speaker
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