“Learn How To Lead and Manage
More Effectively
To Produce Results and Increase Sales.”

In this Advanced Leadership Certification Program John C. Maxwell shares his secrets to:

  • Influencing and leading employees
  • Enhancing your corporate environment
  • Effective Management
  • Decision making approaches
  • Training and developing your team to achieve success
  • Adding value to your organization’s mission
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John Maxwell CEO and Corporate Team Members…
Developing Leadership Cultures in Companies or Organizations
All Over the World.

russ s.fw
“The Real Meaning of Leadership.” “Think you know about leadership? "This has been an amazing journey with the John Maxwell Team! I have access to great content, a top-notch faculty and the ability to use tools to help the up-and-coming leaders within my company grow and to help them be more intentional on the growth of their teams. When I joined the Team, I thought I knew a lot about leadership. After my first live training event, I was completely humbled. I now realize that I have much more to learn and I leave every live training event as a better leader than I was before. I cannot wait until the next live event!"
Russ Stalters, Director, Information & Data Management, BP Oil Company
“Become Empowered to Engage and Excite Others.” “Recently I was honored to speak at the Bankers University in Chicago. My two workshops to train the ‘best of the best’ leaders in the organization were sold out. My topic was “Personal Growth”; my resource was John Maxwell’s Book, 'The 15 Invaluable Laws of Growth’. People were actively engaged, excited, empowered, and I challenged everyone to develop a growth plan. Put it together now and live it forever! Thank you, John Maxwell for empowering me to impact and increase my growth, as well as influence others in my company nationwide."
Farshad Asl, Regional Director & Chairman of the Leadership Committee, Bankers Life & Casualty Company, Keynote Speaker, Trainer & Coach
“Doors will open when you join the team.”

“I was offered the position as Director of Leadership at one of the local universities in my area. I owe this opportunity to the John Maxwell Team. I am so excited that I will get to work with college students every single day and equip them for success. This is such an honor and a blessing. Becoming part of this amazing team has opened so many doors for me, and I know this is only the beginning. To my fellow team members, and those looking to join the team: Apply John’s teachings and opportunity and success will follow!"

Vickie Roundtree, Bayer CropScience Customer Service Lead, Founding Member of the John Maxwell Team, John Maxwell Founders Circle
“Join The Team of High-Performance Achievers.” “The John Maxwell Team is the greatest fertile ground I have ever been planted on… in my entire life. I am surrounded by mentors and colleagues whom I can call on for great advice when I am faced with a challenge either personally or professionally. I am looking forward to attracting success into my life because of the John Maxwell Team. This Team is full of high-performance achievers who are destined to change the world, and I am going to be on the change train with them. I am thankful to be part of this leadership revolution of change throughout the world!"
Michael H. Harbour II, President/CEO at Harbour Resources, Strategic Business Partner with Profiles International, Founding Member of the John Maxwell Team
Joyce McMurran
“When Opportunity Knocks… Invite it
to Move in!”

“I will be doing a ‘Leadership Lunch and Learn’ for corporate Nordstrom’s Consumer Insights Division. What a blessing it was the way it came to me—by being in the right place at the right time and prepared for the opportunity when it showed up. Don’t forget the value of learning ahead so you are ready when the time comes for you to shine.”

Joyce McMurran, Business Analyst/Education & Training at Nordstrom, 1st Lieutenant, Civil Air Patrol-US Air Force Auxiliary, Professional Trainer and Coach
Chris Robinson
“Watch Your Business Success Soar!”

“I just received an official letter from the St. Louis Small Business Monthly that I have been selected as one of the ‘Top 100 St. Louisans to Know to Succeed in Business’. I extend a huge thank you to the John Maxwell Team for the invaluable leadership, teamwork, and lessons."

Chris Robinson, Owner of R3 Coaching, Certified Speaker, Coach & Trainer at John Maxwell Team, Founding Member
“Big, BIG Contract!”

“I signed a large contract last week with a multinational company (one of the largest data processing companies in the world), as a spokesperson, client development, and community-building expert. I’m thrilled, eager, and thankful to my John Maxwell Team family. I love you all and congratulate you for your incredible vision, dedication, persistence and professionalism. In word and in deed: You are phenomenal. And appreciated."

Misty Young, President/CEO of Squeeze In Holdings, Inc., Certified Coach, Trainer, and Speaker at the John Maxwell Team
“Raise Your Leadership Lid!”“I was honored with Business Owner of the Year by the Lincoln, NE Independent Business Association because I learned to raise my leadership lid and became a founding member of the John Maxwell Team. Understand the value of leadership, and the maximum peak of your potential, and you will reap rewards and achieve success!”
Monica Kuhns, Master Trainer and Coach at 8 to Great, John Maxwell Team Member

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Reason #1 Become more influential
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Reason #3 Live Support

The proven Maxwell Method provides all the knowledge, resources, training and support you would expect from the top leadership training and development company in the world.

Advanced Techniques for Building Influence
Impact Drives Income. You'll be Certified and Licensed to:
Coach Training
Speaker Training
Sales Training
Marketing Training & Social Media
Also includes 3-day Live Training Event with John C. Maxwell in Florida
Space is Limited!

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About John C. Maxwell
  • Chosen as the world’s most influential leadership expert by Inc. Magazine
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