Our Faculty and Staff

Founded in March, 2011 by John C. Maxwell in partnership with Paul Martinelli and Scott Fay, the John Maxwell Team, with more than 14,000 members from 145 different countries worldwide to date, has reached significance and plays a key role side-by-side with John Maxwell and the John Maxwell Company as leaders in the personal growth and corporate development industries. But that only happens with visionaries with the know-how, with an incredible group of skilled and talented people, and with support staff, second to none, all devoted to each and every aspect of this Program in their own unique way.

"When we first started this program, John said to me ... 'I want the people who are in this program to be the very best equipped and have the best training, to give them the support they need to develop themselves and those around them.' And I knew those were my marching orders and that John would come along with us and give us a roadmap." ~ Paul Martinelli, President, John Maxwell Team.

Together, it is our promise to exceed all expectations and provide you with the key ingredients for you to be successful!

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John C. Maxwell Founder
For more than 40+ years, John has been helping the world understand what leadership truly is and has equipped those with knowledge, tools and resources to answer the call to lead. John brings vision and experience to the JM Team as he guides them to be top leaders and to help them create a sphere of influence that will leave behind an army of strong leaders.
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Paul Martinelli President
As a highly successful entrepreneur, and from his association with other top industry leaders and his candid keynote speeches, workshops and seminars around the world on the Power of of the Mind", Paul Martinelli, brings a unique coaching, training and business building style to the John Maxwell Team.
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Christian Simpson Professional Coaching Trainer
As an internationally acclaimed expert in profession coaching, Christian has made a difference as a business coach, mentor and transformational leader to entrepreneurs and business owners across the world. John Maxwell Team members enjoy his unique style of coach training and support that he has only utilized within major companies, up until now.
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Roddy Galbraith Speaker Trainer
As an international speaker, trainer, mentor and coach with a passion for helping people find their voice, craft their message and hone their delivery, hands down, Roddy offers to John Maxwell Team members solutions to the every day challenge of not only communcating, but connecting.
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Ed DeCosta Sales Trainer
Ed’s sales and marketing training helps John Maxwell Team members master the power of intentionality, so that they establish control of their purpose and their calendars in order to become the best possible version of themselves. Ed's own results and his knowledge and unique style of delivering sales and marketing training has truly made a difference to the Team.
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Chris Robinson
Chris Robinson JMT Success
Chris is an international speaker and executive coach. Chris’s leadership beginnings started while he was a sales representative for one the largest vehicle services contract service providers in the U.S. Within a five-year period, he quickly advanced four positions to Senior Sales Manager. He continued to develop his leadership strengths while overcoming his weaknesses, helping the company grow from a staff of 18 to more than 700.
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Mark Cole CEO of John Maxwell Companies
Mark Cole serves as the CEO of all John Maxwell Companies and has more than 25 years of leadership and team development experience, which uniquely qualifies him to have an integral role and be the champion of the John C. Maxwell brand. He is committed to adding value to individual leaders and leadership teams. Mark has experience in both the non-profit and for-profit sectors, and he has led companies through economic challenges, growth barriers, and disconnected team dynamics.
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Department Heads

Bill Beisel Chief of Staff
Bill Beisel is the Chief of Staff of Martinelli and Associates, Inc. Bill believes strongly in teamwork as it creates momentum, improves morale, and gets the job done efficiently and effectively. Born and raised in Pennsylvania, William R. “Bill” Beisel Jr. learned the importance of teamwork early. He graduated from the Professional Golfers Association of America School of Business and became certified with the PGA maintaining class “A” status since 1983. Beisel began working in the hospitality industry and then went on to oversee and manage a total of seven premier venues generating nearly $900,000,000in total revenue. These venues include full service premier country club facilities.
Kelly Dellasala Senior Project Manager
Kelly started out as a certified legal assistant investing 18 years with two top law firms in Palm Beach County, Florida. She later got the bug for personal and professional development, and in 2007 took a leap as founder and CEO of Go For It, LLC, a sales and marketing consulting firm. Initially starting out in sales and then becoming a top sales professional, she later focused her energy on providing solutions for business growth by developing and delivering sales and marketing systems to companies worldwide, in both the personal growth and corporate development industries. Producing more than $50.1 million in sales to date, her top clients have included Bob Proctor, Les Brown, Paul Martinelli, Mary Morrissey, Bob Burg and most recently John C. Maxwell, where she serves as Director of Sales and Marketing for The John Maxwell Team. Her hobbies include food (well actually eating) and travel!
Cheryl Fisher Operations Manager
Cheryl began her professional career as an entrepreneur owning and running a commercial printing company for 13 years in Palm Beach County. Realizing that she wanted to make a greater impact in the lives around her, she began her journey in the area of personal development. Continuing her mission and vision of adding value, she ultimately became an integral part of The John Maxwell Team in January, 2013.
Since 2013, Cheryl has served as the Director of Administrative Operations and has overseen the Team’s growth and customer service. She works within all departments of the company on a daily basis and is focused on adding value to the Team members.
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John Griffin President, President’s Advisory Council
As a founding partner with the John Maxwell Team, John Griffin serves as President of the President’s Advisory Council and is a Peer Teaching Partner. John is a highly accomplished international coach, speaker, and facilitator. With a 17-year career working in fortune 100 companies and as a founder of three companies, John knows what it is like to experience great success and how to thrive from business challenges or failures. John delivers executive coaching and highly experiential corporate workshops for the John Maxwell Company and is an Adjunct Professor at Concordia University Texas teaching Leadership. Believing that “YOU Matter!!”, John empowers his clients to discover, embrace, and boldly perform to their fullest potential in order to maximize their relationships, results, and revenue.
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Barry Smith Director of JMT International
Barry, a founding member of the John Maxwell Team, has applied the resources and training from the Certification Program to successfully transitioned from a career in construction to living out his purpose as a coach, speaker and trainer. He serves on the President’s Advisory Council, John C. Maxwell Leadership Award Committee and leads the Success Roadmap Program helping new members to successfully get started into the program. Barry brings thirty years of Leadership and Project Management experience to lead our International Translation and Licensing projects and works with the Faculty on curriculum development.
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Larry Hussey Director of Technology
Larry Hussey has provided information technology leadership for The John Maxwell Team since 2011. His team produces custom web applications, internet marketing campaigns, and provides IT training and support. He brings more than a decade’s worth of experience in the software engineering field to serve the Team in its plan of growth.
Larry, the Owner of Jupiter Techs, is a United States Marine Corps veteran and graduate of Florida Atlantic University, with a degree in Computer Science. He loves the beach, practicing yoga, and volunteering in his community. A vital part of his company’s mission is to equip parents with tools to keep their children safe on the internet.
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Laurie Olsen Sales Manager
Laurie Olsen joined The John Maxwell Team in February 2011. She has enjoyed the privilege of doing many different tasks as a part of The John Maxwell Team. In addition to focusing on technology, she is part of the marketing/social media team.
Prior to joining the Team, she spent 20 years working in the environmental and technology field. She holds a Bachelor of Science Degree from Taylor University in Indiana. Laurie is married and has one teenaged son. She and her family enjoy boating, fishing, and snorkeling in the beautiful waters off the coast of South Florida.
Kristi Snyder Director of Member Services
Kristi was born and raised in a small town in rural Ohio. She left Ohio to begin her studies at a university in South Florida. It was there that she met her husband Jonathan. Kristi continued her education and received her master’s in Business Administration. She has used her skills to assist in event planning, coordinating, and execution for multiple non-profit organizations. She enjoys horseback riding, reading, and adores her daughter Bella.
Dee Denton Sales Recruiter and Trainer
With more than 20 years’ experience in sales and marketing management, corporate training and strategic business consulting, Dee has a deep passion for growing a strong sales team and helping others realize their opportunity to develop as leaders by becoming a part of this elite group. As a founding partner of The John Maxwell Team, she created a TV series called “Living on Purpose” to focus on John C. Maxwell’s leadership principles. In her speaking business, she empowers others to create a successful mindset utilizing her personal mantra, “All things Possible” with a southern flair. She loves spending time with her husband, Master Sergeant Mitchell Lewis and her son, Trey.