The Leading Edge: Where There’s Vision, There’s Always PROVISION


In August 2011, I was a stay-at-home mom with two sons under the age of two. I left Corporate America in 2008 to start my family and go after my dreams of becoming a motivational speaker and writer. But between changing diapers and cleaning the house, my dream was slowly fading. Then one day in June 2012, a lady at my church invited me to a writing conference in West Palm Beach called “A Day about Books.”

“Yes, I’ll go. Who’s the author?” I asked. She answered, “I’m not sure if you know him, but his name is John Maxwell.”

My eyes lit up! Before she could finish her sentence, I belted out “I LOVE John Maxwell! His book Failing Forward saved my life!”

I shared my story of how I was a broken 25 year old, lost and on the brink of the darkest time in my life, when I first saw John Maxwell speak in 2000. He taught a sermon at Willow Creek Church in South Barrington, from his new book Failing Forward. It was about how Peter denied Jesus while warming his hands over a charcoal fire, but yet Jesus redeemed Peter while cooking him breakfast over a charcoal fire. The charcoal represented our greatest failures, flaws, and mistakes in life.

John taught us that no matter what mistakes we make, we can learn from them; that God loves us and will forgive us and use our “charcoals” in life to help others. Little did I know, I was about to face a major barbeque full of life’s setbacks – including divorce, bankruptcy, and leaving the church. John’s book pulled me through many dark months.

So the minute I discovered that it was John’s conference, I was all in! We packed the kids up and drove 3 hours to West Palm Beach! I arrived to the conference early to get a good seat. While I waited outside, looking through the crack in the door to find the best table, a man walked up behind me. He said, “Hi my name is John. What’s your name?”

I turned around and it was John Maxwell! My hero was talking to me! I almost fainted. I managed to say my name and thank him for all he’d done in my life. He thanked me and entered the room.


For the next four hours I was in heaven as John and his writing team, Charlie Wetzel and Michael Hyatt, transparently discussed how to write books. I even had a chance to ask John a question from his book Thinking For a Change, which I happened to be reading at the time. Towards the end of the conference, John introduced the John Maxwell Team from his Certified Speaking & Coaching program that began in 2011. I couldn’t believe it! All of my dreams were coming true!

Immediately I knew JMT was for me. There wasn’t a doubt in my mind that this wasn’t just something for me to do, it was who I was! Except for one teeny tiny problem… I didn’t have the $5,000 investment to join. The relocation to Orlando drained our savings and I wasn’t working. I didn’t know where the money would come from. I called my husband and he said, “Don’t worry, God will provide.” Faith was about all I had with a little bit of extra hope in my pocket. On the way out, John Maxwell said to me, “I know you’re going to be one of my coaches… I know it.” That was confirmation enough.

That night, I prayed and asked God for the money. I went to sleep and woke up at 3am. Then the Lord spoke to me in the form of a thought. He said, “Remember the IRA you rolled over when you left Corporate America in 2008? Use that.” I’d forgotten all about that money! The next morning, I called the bank and there was $6,000 in the IRA! Immediately, I withdrew it and had just enough to join the John Maxwell Team. That day I bet on me and continue to do so to this very day!

Now, as I look back over these past 5 years and see how much I’ve grown as a person and professional because of JMT, I learned three valuable lessons. The first one is: Where there is Vision, there is always Provision. The second is: Your investment in your personal growth is the greatest gift you can give to yourself and others. Thirdly: Your dream will never give up on you, as long as you don’t give up on it! It’ll always find a way to reach you, even if it has to light a few charcoals along the way.

About Rashida

Rashida Jourdain is a Certified John Maxwell Team speaker, coach, and teacher. She owns The Jourdain Group, a cutting edge speaking and coaching company that equips individuals, entrepreneurs and women in the areas of leadership, communication, personal development, relationships, winning mental attitudes, emotional healing and spiritual growth.  

Rashida joined the John Maxwell Team in June 2012. She is a President Advisory Council member, Peer Teaching Partner, 90 Day Success Leader, Team Ambassador and John Maxwell Leadership Award (JMLA) Review Board Member.

She holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Pre-Med Psychology from the University of Illinois and spent over 20 years in Corporate America in leadership roles including management, training, human resources, employee relations, sales, and nonprofit organizations.

Rashida is also an encourager, actor, writer and spoken word artist that has impacted lives across the world. As a tri-generational leader, her passion is to help others live a life of significance by fulfilling their God-given potential.

She focuses on helping women and leaders identify their purpose, destroy self-limiting beliefs, create healthy relationships, and experience mental, emotional, and spiritual healing through God’s love. She grew up in Chicago but currently lives in Orlando with her husband Yonel and two sons, Jonathan and Christopher.


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