Where Will Your Dreams Take You?


“No matter what comes your way, never give up, never quit!”

-Maria Ximena Martinez, Certified John Maxwell Team coach, speaker & trainer

How much time do you spend casting your vision? It may seem like an irrelevant activity and in the business world, time is money. But can you really afford to stay stagnant when your growth is dwindling? Certified John Maxwell Team member Maria Martinez realized she had been in a rut for too long and employed the John Maxwell Team to help her dream again. “I got to a point in my life where I was very comfortable,” Maria said. “I wasn’t challenging myself to use my gifts and talents. I had forgotten to dream and I felt like I had no purpose.”

That was when Maria found The John Maxwell Team. As a longtime fan of John’s teachings, Maria was no stranger to the Maxwell Method, but joining the team gave her the motivation and edge she needed to not only start dreaming again, but to begin working towards those dreams too.

“I started having disciplines in my life and I’ve became a happier person. I have a clear purpose. I started putting together specific goals and my life is changing in all areas. Spiritually, physically, emotionally, and financially I’ve become more positive than ever, and in everything I do I’m intentional.”

Before joining the Team, Maria was at a point of stagnation in her career. She felt that she had stayed too long in her current position, and despite her contentment, Maria felt as if she could do and be more. “I said to myself: find something else that really goes in alignment with who you are, and find a purpose – something bigger than you that will keep you growing and moving forward.”

Since joining the team, Maria has been pursuing that bigger purpose and moving forward. She not only travelled with the team to Paraguay to help spark national transformation through leadership development, but she has been developing her own business opportunities as well as developing herself.

“The biggest risk, I believe, is to be dead while you are still alive. When you play it safe, there is no growth, there is no movement. Everything that doesn’t flow, doesn’t grow, or doesn’t move, tends to die. That’s exactly how I felt while being at a job with no purpose. With no goals, there was no culture that helped me grow.”

Has your growth plateaued with the field you are in? For people stuck in a culture that isn’t promoting their growth, Maria offers this advice: “As John says, the hardest thing to do is to lead yourself,” she told us. “My advice is to work on yourself first and to have patience, but also to be consistent. Be persistent so that you can see the efforts compound. No matter what comes your way, never give up, never quit!”
Inspiring words from a John Maxwell Team member. If you’re interested in becoming certified in the Maxwell Method and learning to increase your influence and impact alongside members just like Maria click here to learn more.

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