Executive Coaching is For Leaders Who Are Ready To Embrace The Process

Executive Coaching

Travis Kalanick, the CEO of Uber, stated recently, “I need to fundamentally change and grow up. I seriously need leadership help.” This has come after videos and images of his most recent outburst with one of his Uber drivers. These incidents have been very public and are not the way a CEO wants to lead their company. If Travis is serious and is ready to work with an Executive Coach on his leadership skills and his emotional intelligence, then let’s review what Executive Coaching does for Leaders who are ready to embrace the process.

The first step is the connection. Typically, Executive Coaching is a one-on-one
regularly scheduled meeting either in person, by phone, or by utilizing video sharing platforms like Skype. The interaction and the content are confidential with a few exceptions.

In the initial meeting both coach and client must determine whether they feel a connection to each other. Right from the start, if there are any doubts, irritations, or skeptical feelings from either the executive coach or the client,they should not move forward.This is going to be a relationship built upon trust. It must begin with a solid foundation.

Once the Executive Coach and the client have agreed to terms and executed their contract and their working agreement, they begin to work together. The Executive Coach may be thought of as a blend of mentor, consultant, and trusted advisor all without company politics being an influence.

The client may have sought out an Executive Coach on their own or their company may have advised them to seek one out in order to work on one or more areas. There are numerous issues where working with an Executive Coach will provide growth and development. Here are a few typical areas, though by no means a complete list:

  • Increased levels of Emotional Intelligence
  • Ability to control reaction and temperament
  • Skillful at personal and team time management
  • Communicate effectively
  • Increased productivity
  • Lead with Executive Presence

The Professional Executive Coach has been trained and has practiced and worked with numerous clients.For each new client the coach will design everything around the client’s individual needs. This is not to say there will not be work and effort required by the client. For example, if the initial work is based upon improving the level of Emotional Intelligence, new behaviors will need to become part of the client’s life. These behaviors will need to be practiced and repeated in order to take hold.

The Executive Coach will create accountability and bring forward ‘homework’ while it will be the client who will have to do that work. The strength of the client’s buy-in coupled with the skills of the Executive Coach to design small wins along the way combine to prevent the client from resisting the process while keeping everyone engaged in a positive outcome.

One of the advantages to meeting in person, on the phone, or over Skype is an advantage is that it permits both client and coach to remain flexible.
Everyone has a full schedule and there are times when an in-person meeting will not work. Rather than regularly rescheduling, these other options permit the important aspect of continuity to take place.

During their work together, other areas beyond their initial selections to work on tend to rise up and are worth exploring as well. This type of interaction is why there are Executive Coaches and clients who continue to work together for years. There is a bond. There is a high level of trust. These are built and developed over time working together.

An Executive Coach may work with people in the C-Suite, a small business owner, or an entrepreneur forming a start up. Each of the people in these roles must have someone to turn to in order to open up in a safe environment and reveal their truths, their fears, their shortcomings. Together, one step at a time, client and coach work to alleviate each distraction. High Performance Leadership is not meant to be done alone. It is a level of leadership which requires a team effort. The right Executive Coach combined with the client is the starting point.

Executive CoachingMitch Tublin, MBA, is America’s Navigator for Leaders in Business and Life™. In his field as an advanced certified executive coach, business consultant, trainer and international speaker he draws on his extensive experience in corporate roles, entrepreneurial ventures, military training, and participation in competitive sports.

Mitch brings out an individual’s untapped potential to create the strategy, the plan, and the steps necessary to achieve that person’s vision for their business and often their life, while navigating obstacles which may be blocking them from reaching their goals. The process is utilized within teams, divisions, and entire companies.

Mitch is a Founding Partner of The John Maxwell Team as one of the original members who signed up in March 2011. Since then he has traveled with John Maxwell and other Coaches, Trainers, and Speakers of the organization to countries such as Guatemala and Paraguay at the invitation of their respective Presidents to bring values based leadership training to the people of their nation. Mitch continues to serve as a member of the President’s Advisory Council for The John Maxwell Team.


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