The Secret to Their Success? Keeping it in the Family

“There is no greater opportunity for us to have impact than in our own home and within our own family.”

– FirstName LastName, certified John Maxwell Team Coach, Speaker & Teacher

Success is always better when you can share it with those you love. When you get to share it with family, it’s even better. One of the greatest joys in life is adding value to the people who are closest to you, and perhaps no family better embodies this principle than the Gormans. “By adding value to one another first and always intentionally connecting and adding value to our kids, our children have adopted a way of life that ensures their success,” say parents Greg and Julie Gorman. “We all live by the principle of ADDING VALUE to others, every day, in every way possible!”

Greg and Julie are both well versed in the practice of intentionally connecting, and adding value to one another first. Over the last twenty years, they have worked to bring other couples the same kind of purpose and fulfillment that they enjoy in their marriage every single day. In fact, finding a new sense of purpose as a couple was what brought them to the John Maxwell Team in the first place. ”We knew we were meant to do something different, something more, something with meaning. We longed to make a difference,” said Julie. When they found the John Maxwell Team, they knew they were in the right tribe to make that mission a reality. Since the International Maxwell Certification event in August, they have been busy growing their influence by way of a new book and television broadcast that is scheduled to begin airing in 2017.

Their biggest success this year, however, has been getting their entire family certified by The John Maxwell Team. All three of their children were certified at the August 2016 event, and wish to become coaches, authors, and speakers just like their parents. “Imagine our joy as parents to have our whole family making the choice to grow together,” says Greg. “We have watched our kids make huge impacts in our community, church, and school as they live out leadership principles they have seen modeled out in our home, and learned more ways to mobilize those principles through The John Maxwell Team.”

For Greg and Julie, growth has always been a priority both in their personal lives and as a team, and they’re thrilled to bring their family into the team to grow alongside them. The Gormans reflect: “If we can’t share it with our family first – by modeling leadership where it counts the most – what’s the point? There is no greater opportunity for us to have an impact than in our own home and within our own family. When we get it right here, it reflects a true understanding of leadership and life.” Imagine if all children could be raised with such intentionality and focus!

For those about to start their own personal journey of growth, the Gormans believe that surrounding yourself with people who will support you is key. “Be intentional and surround yourself with people who will support you, but don’t forget to surround yourself with people who are further in the journey than you,” advises the couple. “There will likely be moments of frustration and disappointment and that’s OK! It’s part of the process. When those times come, it is your vision and your support that will separate you from those who persevere and those who don’t.” Wise words from wonderful people. Are you and your family intentionally leading and growing together?

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