The Biggest Risk You Didn’t Know You Were Taking

The Biggest Risk You Didn’t Know You Were Taking

“Not doing anything at all is the riskiest thing you can do.”

– Lynne Olius, certified John Maxwell Team Coach, Speaker & Teacher

Playing it safe can be risky. It can be easy to want to stay in your comfort zone, especially when you are starting out as an entrepreneur. Putting yourself out there can seem as risky as playing it safe. To grow as a person, however, you must force yourself out of your comfort zone. The same can be said of growing your business. How can you foster a successful business if you don’t experience growth? This week’s featured team member, Lynne Olius, knows exactly how important it is to reflect on her personal comfort zone and to push herself outside of it.

Lynne first heard about John Maxwell three months prior to the March 2016 International Maxwell Certification event, and she instantly fell in love with his teachings. She was already interested in becoming a coach and speaker, and when she found The John Maxwell Team it was everything she was looking for and more. “The game changer for me was changing my mindset to think differently and accept the guidance I was reading and learning,” she says. “I wish I had started reading about personal growth and development five years ago.”

Lynne didn’t hesitate and joined the team. She attended that event in March and has been using the tools she learned to grow herself and her business ever since. She is now the CEO and founder of Transform Coaching & Consulting, Inc., and her business is booming! Lynne has also noticed a positive impact for herself personally: “I’m building my confidence in myself, and what I’m teaching to others.” She says that because of this, she has been receiving more opportunities for growth in her business. “Playing it safe is risky when you are too afraid to promote yourself, your brand, or product because things aren’t perfect,” says Lynne. “You can perfect along the way. Not doing anything at all is the riskiest thing you can do.”

It can be hard to reflect on the places in our life that need improvement, but it can be necessary to move forward in life. For Lynne, this was the moment she looked back to see how far she has come. “I reflected on the amount of people who are drawn to me now because of how my influence has grown,” she says. “I realized I need to grow my circle because I’ve become the friend in the room that is the ‘smartest.’ I needed to find a place where I could grow even more.” Are you actively working towards growth? Or are you risking it all by playing it too safe? If you need a supportive environment and resources, check out the John Maxwell Team and get ready to grow in every way!

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