Family Values: Leadership Edition

Family Values: Leadership Edition

“Having people communicate their successes is the number one game changer for personal growth and development.”

– Nancy Stanley, certified John Maxwell Team Coach, Speaker & Teacher

Every family has core values they operate from and it may not always be easy to verbalize – but it is easy to see those values just by observing the lives families lead. If a family values activity and adventure-seeking, you can tell by the experiences they choose to have. If a family values privacy and security, you’ll be able to see that too. Although we typically picture values as esteemed grand concepts, they’re much more easily identified by the actions – or non-actions – we choose to take. What happens when a whole family values leadership and growth? This week’s featured John Maxwell Team member Nancy Stanley know’s exactly what it’s like and she shared with us the impact it’s had.

After reading John Maxwell’s books for years, Nancy decided to join the John Maxwell Team and bring her skills to a whole new level. After seeing the impact it had on her she knew she wanted to share it with her family. Nancy always knew that “having people communicate their successes is the number one game changer for personal growth and development” and when you’re talking leadership, no one is more suited than John himself. She also realized that “to be better I needed to surround myself with information, education and people that were better.” That’s why she chose the John Maxwell Team and why she chose to ​bring her whole family along too. Nancy not only says she values leadership and growth, she demonstrates that value.

When bringing on 5 members of her family, Nancy knew they’d see benefits of the shared experience and growth together, but she had no idea the impact it would have on their whole family life. “​We are much more respectful of each other’s lane and abilities, and just being able to share information and encouragement is a huge success,” says Nancy. What helped them become even stronger was the ability to not only share their value in an intellectual sense but to live it and show it through their actions in the John Maxwell Team.

For Nancy and her family, growth is a core value. And part of growth is taking risks. ​“Any time you play it safe you are at risk of being average, and average doesn’t appeal to anyone that wants to grow.” When you place such high importance on leadership and growth, it shows up in your life. Nancy and her family aim to be above average and in order to do that they intentionally spend time and effort investing in their development. And it’s paying off! “My family members are all growing their businesses and ​I have started coaching as well as leadership training in my own organization, and will be launching personal growth online teaching as well as workshops.”

Not everyone has the desire to work with their families and even more may recoil at the thought. But for Nancy Stanley, it’s the gift of a lifetime. “I am seeing my lifelong dream of working in business with my children fulfilled.” This family has valued leadership and with that, they’ve made it a priority to find the right ways to grow together. What does your family value and what do you do to demonstrate?

About Nancy:
Dr. Nancy Stanley is an energetic speaker, business coach, and development specialist with a proven track record of over 35 years of experience in business building, leadership, team building, health and wellness promotion, and healthy work environment. She promotes and lives servant leadership and goes deep to cultivate a team culture that will lift your organizational lid to succeed and thrive. Nancy adds value to leaders with experience, passion, intentionality, processes and contagious enthusiasm.

Nancy started her first business in the 10th grade, which she operated throughout her college career at Florida State University. She used these resources to complete her Physical Therapy degree at the Medical College of Georgia. After successfully operating a lucrative fitness and rehabilitation company, she sold her businesses and partnered with the local hospital to build a 60,000 sq. foot Wellness Facility. During this transition from the private business world to the corporate world, she completed her doctoral studies at Boston University.

She has been a health and wellness coach, trainer, speaker and most recently, the founder of a non-profit free medical, dental and work life ministry for the uninsured in her community. Her passion is seeing people become the best they can be physically, spiritually and emotionally, for the purpose of influencing and leading others.

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